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Old 08-19-2015, 02:15 PM
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Cbr1k, got it in a nutshell really. I will add the following:
I love the way the cargo hooks come out of the grab rail with a subtle click, what a clever idea, all you get now on the modern stuff is a bent bit of wire !
I love the way the bike has a meaningful clonk when 1st gear is engauged.
Take the plastics off, and you see how well made it is, chunky, solid, and engineered so well it could almost fall into the catagory of over engineered.
Dont you just like to run the palm of your hand around its sexy rear light, so smooth, and well proportioned, I think the sexy *** is on models up to 1993 so if you have it give it a polish.
Back in the 90's I saw these bikes when they came out, and always liked them, but no way was I in the league of buying one, playing on my XTZ 600 Yamaha.
20 years or so later, I end up with 2. Why ? I recon they are the flagship of Hondas motorcycle products.
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Old 01-27-2016, 07:14 AM
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Default The old lady

Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
The old lady

she sits quietly, dignified in silence, waiting…
a picture in her colours, pretty as whatever you can imagine…
if we could know the stories only she could tell
the days of youth and speed, long runs flying through the morning cold, or into the lazy heat of sunset, adventures lost now to all save those who knew and loved her through the years.
She is older now, yet still has the power to draw young men which women would pay a king’s ransom to possess…..!
She waits for you. Or me, to whisper to her gently, bring her to life in an instant, and suddenly in her awakening all is not as it was…..
There is a menace in her stance which warns as many women do,
“mistreat or abuse me at your peril ! “ and she’s the one who can make it all right or wrong in a heartbeat, and you will pay dearly for any disrespect.
She growls a gentle warning like a predator to her cubs, but will bark and run at the least encouragement, to places where lines are blurred and the world becomes a tunnel, battered by sound. Where an insect has the power of a bullet,
and yet within all the noise there is a silence so profound that only those who have been there can describe it.
We return her to her home, to be pampered as any woman should be, and cared for as she cools with musical tinkling sounds.
And once again, patiently, she waits……
This is amazing, a work of art, a masterpiece.. This is the exact reason I ride my cbr1000f, she demands respect and tlc and she will take me to places no other bike ever has. I love my cbr1000f, best bike I've ever had, and I'm in no rush to swap it. I think your storey is beautiful, it spoke to me, Made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Long live the hurricane!
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Old 06-23-2016, 01:20 PM
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I've ridden bikes on the since I was 16, with a few interludes for cars & kids, and since 91 always had 1500 Goldwings. Then 4 years ago I bought a 750 Africa Twin to enjoy a different type of touring and love it, jokingly saying the Wing will go first. About 2-3 years ago I had an urge for a big sports tourer, whilst I was still able to get my leg over & hold it up. I had set my sights on a ZZR1100 but could not find a purple one that I liked and my wallet was happy with. My local bike shop owner suggested a CBRF as a bullet proof and better alternative. I found a cheap one locally, spent a few hundred pounds on it and I was smitten. It rides as your mood takes you, so smooth and predictable, true Honda build quality, easy to work on, comfortable and economical. I love the fact it cost than the first years depreciation of a modern and can be repaired using tools at the side of the road. I recently traded my black 1993 upto a purple 1994 and was given the highest accolade by 14 year old daughter to her mother "Dad's new bike is cool" 22 years old and still cool[/IMG]
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Old 07-24-2016, 02:32 AM
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My 12 yr old son has an array of bikes to sit on, he has his quad to run around on but when he is in the garage for some reason it is always without a doubt, the cbr1000f that he heads to and climbs up on, sits back with total relaxation.

Little does he know that he gets the same feeling out of it that I do.

I'm nearly 60 and can say I get the same exhilaration and satisfaction out of my cbr1000ft as my 12 yr old son does for yes a bike that's 20 yrs old.

Both my boys enjoy all of our older bikes but the cbrf just has the looks and attraction of a supermodel on an international catwalk.

I have mentioned it now in a few forums, while it is lucky for us that we have these bikesis, it really is sad that Honda has dropped the inline four, full fairing sports tourer from their production line.

So in essence the cbr1000f represented the first of this unequalled beauty and the cbr1100xx sees the end of it. Two bikes spanning successs for so long.

One would have to ask why they are no more but for us that have them, let us now enjoy what they give us but also the increase in value that they will now take on.
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Old 09-08-2016, 05:40 PM
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Just read all the posts in this thread this evening, and thought I'd add my thoughts.

I've been a litre bike rider for the last 15 years, owning many iconic bikes, 97 Blade, 98 Blade, 2009 Blade, RSV Mille-R, Daytona 955i, Speed Triple 955i, GSXR 1000 K3 & K5, Exup 1000RU and recently gone back to my first 600 class bike in all those years after trying a 2013 Street Triple R, so as much fun as the STR is, it will even stay with many litre class bikes up to a certain point, BUT I am missing the litre grunt some days, until speaking to a mate in work who said he had an old CBR1000F sitting in his field which I could have for £500.
I thought it was worth a look and when I got there I found an 89 FK which had been left outside without a cover for the best part of 2 years!!! I told him that due to the prolonged time spent outside and the fact all the cycle parts were buried under acres of plastic and the only metal I could see (the rear footrest hangers, pillion footrests and front forks) were covered in rust, so all it was worth to me was £200. He said "Ok then"!
When I got it home, I found a remote start alarm installed and neons EVERYWHERE and a bike with no power even though the battery was still showing charged.

Turns out the main fuse was popped. Replaced it and within half hour of checking everything was safe I tried cranking it and eventually it went. I've since spent the past 5 months stripping and painting, powder coating, replacing bits and improving things where I can, I've ended up with a capable litre bike with plenty of midrange and classic good looks (I still think the 89/92 bikes are the prettiest ones out there) and it's now ready for an MOT as soon as I've changed the oil.

If anyone is interested in the build thread take a look HERE. There are 7 pages there but I think it's worth a read to see what I've had to deal with and to see where it's come from and what I've ended up with.
I'll get some new pics when she's out on the road.

Name:  908F0E6E-41D8-4C3B-B024-C425141424FA_zpso5g3znxx.jpg
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Old 10-19-2016, 07:25 PM
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Just bought my second bike, first bike I let a friend ride some 30 years ago.
1988 Hurricane 1000F
Currently blue/silver
Painting to the Pearl White w red strips
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Old 01-12-2018, 03:50 PM
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Read and enjoyed the various posts

I ride a Hurricane for all the wrong reasons

At the time of purchase, in my early-20’s, I’d been riding for a few years on my smaller GS550 – a bike so underpowered and stalwart that would be impossible to squid out on, even if you tried your hardest. Now that changed when I took an overseas trip on a brand new CBF600, and various bad decisions followed. Long story short, the bike I couldn’t quite afford would come to rest in the cliffs above the Amalfi coast. A combination of scooter parts and local hospitality would see us finish the trip, but with a lot of rather steep bills to pay

Limped home a little worse for wear but basically unhurt and with a newfound taste for modern sportbikes. Typically, you’d save up a couple grand and get a good used 600, but being broke and impatient, I had to take what I could get. My criteria were simple: It had to run, it had to be complete, it had to be fast, and it had to be dirt-cheap.

Found an ad for an 87 CBR1000F. Red/black. Knew nothing about the bike, except that 1000 = fast, and that red is always the superior paint color. It was in pretty rough shape on the outside. I cringed at the cheap black spraypaint, the cracked bodyfiller, the hotglue, the loose panels, busted levers, and rash on everything. Tires and sprockets were a little scabby. Oil drips. Coolant leak. But it was complete. Fired right up, and the guy let me take it for a spin. Riding it, with that endless powerband we all know so well (along with the nice brakes which I would also have a chance to test) forgave any faults. Convinced my long-suffering dad to lend me the money and I rode it home

For the next decade, the bike had long periods where I would ride the heck out of it until something would wear out or break, so then I’d have to park it til I could scrounge parts. Then I’d fix it and ride it some more. The leaking oil would be dutifully topped-up mid-season; the coolant needed more constant attention. The fairings came off, except for the cowl. Eventually the battery died, but I had a booster pack so I bungeed it to the passenger seat and rode around like that for a while. I’d bomb around town all summer in helmet, shorts, sunburn, and sandals; leaving clouds of toxic smoke behind me, green and rainbow puddles everywhere I parked, grinning inside my helmet everytime a neighbor gave me a dirty look. I wasn’t trying to build a ratbike, but had stumbled upon one by accident, and I understand the appeal

It was fantastic. Best motorbike ever. We were after the cheapest possible thrills here, and this bike was as loyal and willing a companion as any. Make no mistake – she’s a weapon too. As has been said elsewhere on this forum, "very few bikes can **** on a Hurricane"

Probably only put on a couple thousand k’s per year, but I’d still say it was the most fun I’ve ever had on a motorbike.

Sadly it couldn’t last. Eventually, the brake hoses started leaking, and it became too unsafe even for me. By then, the list of nags had grown problematic, and it needed some serious attention. I switched to a Goldwing I’d inherited, and the bike sat out front of our condo for a couple years until we moved up to a house and I could spare the time and money to give it the love she so badly deserves

Now she’s almost there. Mechanically she is there. Hopefully I finish it this winter. I miss riding a Hurricane

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Old 01-12-2018, 05:48 PM
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@tentacle, very nice story. I wished I had one like that to tell.
My story is one of time and patience. I fell in love when I saw it and had to have it. I was moving soon, but bought it and put 2K miles in about 3-4 months in Puerto Rico, where riding is crazy dangerous. Moved to New York and left the bike wrapped like a burrito, prepped for a winter that doesn't exist in the Caribbean. It remained dormant for the next 12 years. Now, once settle in Texas, I shipped it from PR straight to the Honda dealership. They were in awe when they saw the brand new condition of the fairings. I had them restore it back to life, since I wanted to quickly ride it and had not much time to work on it. I was now making a little money to afford the dealer labor. Two new tires, new battery, rebuilt master cylinder clutch and brake, new spark plugs, new fuel filter, oil & filter, clean carbs and new fuel gauge level sensor. I rode the bike for about a year (5-6K miles) and then, first and only child arrive after many years of fertility treatment. Wife wanted a little more economic and work stability before I continue riding. She never told me to stop riding or sell the bike, so I complied. Fast forward 15 years, daughter is almost 17 and the stable grew by 2 more bikes. I am now able to afford with time and a little money, to give much deserved love in upgrades to the Hurricane.
Although the GSXR-1000K4 is super fast, turns and stops on a dime, the riding is a little too tight. The Triumph Speed Triple R is same as above, with great riding position, but being a naked bike you are limited by the wind blast.
The Hurricane is the best balance overall. It is like an old friend, that you know so well. People always have a compliment for the old girl, not so much for the other 2 by comparison. The biggest and best upgrades have been Michelin Pilot tires, front non-progressive springs, heavy bar ends to kill hand vibration and the Sargent seat with comfort foam.

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Old 01-12-2018, 08:28 PM
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Why do I r identical a hurricane? Well in a word HONDA
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Old 01-14-2018, 12:00 AM
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Hahaha just read my last post hahahaha oops. Well I ride
One because I wanted one since I was thirteen back in 94 after seeing ride through town and then seeing a few more in the city and thought wow what a sexy looking machine and then the sound mmmm yum I want one was my thoughts. Anyway years go past (ok so it's decades go past) when I finally was able to get one and had grown out of my go hard stupid (extreme fun riding style) riding style and gained some life preservation that I set out to find my pride and joy that I've had since December and LOVING IT beat bike I've had
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