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Old 02-19-2012, 07:02 AM
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I am right at 4500 miles on my PR2's and showing just under 1/2 tread.

That is prolly low for these tires in as much as Missouri roads tear tires up fast and about 3/4 of a mile in and out of my house is gravel.

Oh yea, and I ride hard pretty much of the time.
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Old 02-21-2012, 07:00 PM
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Well getting ready to squeeze the trigger on some new rubber myself

narrowed it down to a mixed setup Shinko Apex 010 up front , Shinko Verge 011 on
stern . Couple of local Guys in these parts raved about this particular mismatch
Can get this deal to the door pretty cheap
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Old 02-21-2012, 10:46 PM
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Hope this helps. I used Dunlop d-208 for a while. I really liked them; but was concerned with the front tire cupping. (didn't realize at the time that these bikes do that to any tire). I tried a set of Michelins. (Pilot power, I believe). I thought the grip was very good and the feel was very neutral. They did not last too long and they are somewhat pricey. The last two sets of tires I've used are the Dulop Q2. I thought about getting a set of Shinkos because of the price difference; but decided to stick with the Dunlops because I know what to expect. I think they are an excellent tire with very good grip and they last. I ran the last set (I always replace both tires at the same time) for 6000+ miles. I could probably have gone longer; but I was also running the bike at track days on those tires. I'm not one of the really fast guys so my track day speeds are probably not much faster than some guys ride on the road. At any rate, the tires held up well. I think I will stick with them. Based on experience with the Dunlops, I would recommend them. I won't offer an opinion on the other tires mentioned because I have not used them. Hope this might help.
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Old 02-26-2012, 02:16 PM
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If this can help you i have done aarund 12-to 15000km on mim and love them
Avon Storm 2 Ultra Tires Review | Rider Magazine Motorcycle Tires

Most of all you have to think that these girls are a bit heavy and that you have to keep the tire inflated to specs all the time for them to last and not too cup. Also you have to take a tire that will go with the bike character, I found out that mine did not like the bt-021,never felt confident on them found them slippery and I had no fedback in the steering, not so wth the avon, you have to warm them up a bit but after they are just great, remember, if you bring any tire to their limit on the street maybe you should not ride on the street.

my choices:
avon azzaro or storm, storm ultra 2
Michelin pilot as wwhat the others guys on the forum are saying.

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Old 04-25-2013, 08:20 PM
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Need some help understanding the difference between a 170/60/17 and a 180/55/17 tire. Seems that the "tire bargains" on the web are with the 180/55. Does this tire fit well on the 1990 CBR1000F? Does this size make it turn slower? Seems to me that it would turn in slower with the lower profile and somewhat "flatter" aspect tire. Thanks for your input.
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Old 04-25-2013, 08:35 PM
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Originally Posted by CBR1988 View Post

Just to let you know, the expert thing almost put me off from responding to this, but I figured since you were asking for help, I would reply. I think I am up to the level to give advice just as much as anyone else on here and feel with over 385,000 miles between just 2 bikes a 1988 Honda CBR1000F and a 1980 Honda CBX 1000/6, plus I have owned many other bikes in the past, and have worked, ridden, and raced at many levels, I will volunteer My Humble Opinion. Alot has changed in tires over the years, and really you should be concerned what is out there now that will fill your requirements not what has been good in the past. I understand not wanting info from somebody who has ridden for one week and wants to tell you that they think you should only buy tyre a, like the one on their bike but they may offer some advice nobody else has and may be able to help you as well, now that is done and off the soapbox, I say get some Shinko 009 Ravens. The 009 is the best tire to me for the performance and price End of Story. I run them now and will be going to my 3rd set soon. I also like Metzelers but they are more like the Conti's in feel. They (Metzelers M1,M3, M5, Z8, & Racetecs) are on My CBX, Race and other bikes. My other CBR1000F has Avon Storms on it now. They are also very good tires for all weather performance. But no other tyre offers the value of the Ravens. Go with 120/70 17 front and 180/55 17 rear or (170/60 17 rear if you want to stay with the stock recommendations)


You may be able to get better prices searching the net for them as deals are to be had right now.

I should also state I do not like Dunlops or Bridgestone tyres any more, but do like Michelins too just no longer use them due to the price of the Shinkos.

Seconded. I have a set of ravens right now and i can tell you, for the price you pay i was VERY impressed with wet performance especially... I ride to class nearly every day rain or shine and i have ridden these tires in a few serious storms. and considering people claim to get well over 5000 miles on them, i was surprised at how pliant the rubber is. They have deep tread. They also have a nice smooth profile; no V-shape to them, just an even curve that lets you roll smoothly into the turns. If you do decide to go with ravens, i have shopped around a ton and always found jakewilson.com to be the cheapest. good fast shipping too.

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Old 04-27-2013, 09:30 PM
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Originally Posted by CBRclassic View Post
Holly chit !!!
That is better way than right !!! that's quite incredible !!!
I cant remember ever getting over 10,000 klms (6000 miles) from any tire full stop !! ??

Are yu sure yu know which side the throttle is on ???? lolol

Well done though Steve !!! :-)
I should have specified that is on the rear tire. I wear the front out at twice the rate of the rear. I'm on a new front with 1/2 left in the rear.
And by golly I do know where the throttle is... I just don't use it (that's what I tell the wifey)
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Old 04-28-2013, 03:59 AM
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170 is the standard tyre on the rear.
The 180 works very well but does turn in a little slower than the 170.
I've had my bike nearly 9 years now and always fitted the 180s because the 170 is hard to find and is a lot more expensive as a result.
As for wear, they both go at the same rate on my bike, and best mileage was on Michelin Pr2's at 18000 K's at which stage they were really shagged
And yes I also know which way my throttle goes 4 weeks back I had her at 265KPH running with a Ducati Panigale. Current tyres are Bridgestone BT015 (I think) and they work well but don't have the grip of the PR2's (but the PR2's are 20% more expensive where I live)
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Old 04-29-2013, 07:51 PM
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Thanks for the info, I purchased a pair of Michelin Pilot 3's in standard front and 180/55/17 for the rear. They will be replacing my Conti Road attacks that have about 8800 miles and I've had no complaints with their performance.
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