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CBR1000f Clutch

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Default CBR1000f Clutch

why would a clutch usually slip on ...besides that its worn down?

i get a little slip around 7-8k thinking of an EBC kevlar upgrade

has anyone ever tried this?

talk about your clutches people
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Default RE: CBR1000f Clutch

If your clutch fluids have not been change for years, like mine was, then you could suffer from clutch slip due to the clutch hydraulics not operating properly
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Default RE: CBR1000f Clutch

I just replaced my clutch on 1990 CBR1000F after 65,000 km so here is my view..... After such low mileage the clutch should not be a problem. The hydrolic mechanism has no adjustmet so dont worry about that except ensure first it is working OK and no dirty fluid. If sombody put fully synthetic oil (or additives)in the bike then this can cause slip - stick to the reccomended oil.Replace clutch parts only as needed.(Mine after 65,000k - all parts were still in spec so maybe you will only need fibre plates.)

I used Barnett clutch kit (kevlar) only becaust I got it cheap - dont wory about "heave duty" stuff it is not needed. Honda, Barnett & ECB all OK - buy what you can get cheapest in your area.

Took me 1 hour to do replacement and I'm no mechanic - but I can follow instructions - make sure you have touque wrench for spring bolts... See this site for detailed clutch replacement with magnificent pictures.
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Default RE: CBR1000f Clutch

+1 MarkRI had a little slip when I got on it sometimes. Changed the clutch fluid (it was nasty!), and it hasn't happened since. I hope that's what it is, very quick, easy and will cost you a bottle of DOT 4.
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Default RE: CBR1000f Clutch

A clutch can slip if any additives are in the oil. Synthetic oil will make a clutch slip. What is in your crankcase?

Edit: 7-8k is in the power band.
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Default RE: CBR1000f Clutch


Synthetic oil will make a clutch slip.
I beg to differ. Synthetic oil in and of itself will not make the clutch slip. I've used synthetic oil for 25K miles and she still pulls strong to 160mph with no slippage. Yes, you can put the wrong oil into the bike and cause problems with the clutch slipping. But to make a general statement that synthetics cause the clutch to slip is not entirely accurate.

Not throwing stones TBT, just a difference of opinion.
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Default RE: CBR1000f Clutch

Agreed. Been using full synthetic (Mobil 1) for 2+ seasons with no problems in my 1KF.
The documented benefits of synthetic are hard to argue with.

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Default RE: CBR1000f Clutch

Beg to differ, Bill - mine slipped on synthetic WHEN COLD, fine when warm........[X(]
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Default RE: CBR1000f Clutch

I've been using Castrol Syntec in all my bikes for many years now with no oil relatedclutch problems.
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Default RE: CBR1000f Clutch

I just did the clutch on my 90 cbr same thing around 7 to 8 thousandrpm it would slip only when on it hard pulled it apart looked good.Fibers were fine steels wernt glazed .I redid it with a barnettkevlar set also when i checked the springs they were about 3 eights off in height leading me to belive i just had weak springs.But i can feel the difference in the way she screams now .by the way what do you guys torque the springs to i thought it was 6 or 9 ftlbs i went with 9 ftlbs

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