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Single sided swingarm

Old 08-03-2005, 01:11 AM
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Default Single sided swingarm

Just finished the reconstruction on my 98 blade. On Oct 15 2004 someone turned left in front of me and totaled the bike. 5 months later and about a thousnd dollars spent it is up and running and sounding good.

When I healed I decided to do a sssa conversion. Without doing my homework I found a sssa for a 2001 vfr 800 on ebay, what a deal 220 dollars. Well to my suprise it didn't work swingarm was 2 wide to fit the blade frame.

I posted back on ebay with a disclaimer that it doesn't fit a 900 conversion and sold it for 200 dollars.

After research I found that the 93 thru 97 vfr 750 was the required swingarm needed for the conversion. So I bought one off ebay. Here is a WARNING make sure it is post 93 swingarm, if you buy one in 1993 they produced 2 swingarms one that bolts right up and one that requires alot of work. I ordered pre 93 and had to do alot of machine work. I took it to the local machine shop they manufactured the lower bung (attachment point swingarm side for shock brackets) welded it in and presto sssa conversion completed almost.

The rim was the next thing. Who wants to run a 155 tire from the 93? not me so I had a rim from the 2001( fits a 180) I mentioned earlier figured it would bolt right up. NOPE. The disc for the 93-97 uses bolts that cause the rim to not sit flat on the hub assembly. Back to the machine shop. So they removed 4 notches to match the protruding bolts from the disc. Also had the manufacture the 25mm od 20mm id and 20 mm lenght spacer required.

Finally the conversion was done new tire all was good. Put the exhaust back on. S&%t it blocked everthing, all that work for the exaust to block it. So I started to look for and underseat exhaust 1600 dollars was the cheapest I could find. Screw that ill mkae my own.

Took a D&D pipe cut 10 inchs out of it rerivited it back together, cost:free
Back to machine shop for mandril bent pipe , cost 35 dollars
To the local muffler shop to get it welded in, cost 55 dollars

Making your own underseat exhaust: pricless

Of course there was the trimming of the undertail, relocation of the CDI, header wraping the pipe, maufacturing of a under pan and heat shield and modifications to the tail of the bike.,

Now during all of this I repaired all the plastics, and order a [email protected]%t ton of parts from ebay.

All in all it took around 100 hr of my time over a 5 month period and a thousand dollars but I feel it is worth it, and I am the only sssa I have ever seen in North Carolina......
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Default RE: Single sided swingarm

Ya got any pictures?
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Default RE: Single sided swingarm

sure what kind are u looking for?

The build or the complete
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Default RE: Single sided swingarm

Anything you'd like to share -- well, that have to do with the bike[8D]
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Default RE: Single sided swingarm

SO how much weight did the bike gain?? and what did it do to your wheelbase and handling?? It must have affected it somehow...it looks good though and for sure no one else in the neighborhood will have one
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Default RE: Single sided swingarm

added only about 2 lbs, gained almost 2 in of wheelbase and handling is better then stock. I havnt seen one in north carolina yet
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Default RE: Single sided swingarm

i just wrap my exhaust system from header to end of the pipe (before the muffler) on my 98 cbr900rr. the question is does it do any affect on shielding the heat, i'll still feel alot of heat after it finish smoking....do i need to wrap it more than once?? any answer would help alot...thanks mak
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Default RE: Single sided swingarm

My first bike was a frankin RR alot like yours, 98 frame/motor, 96 plastics, 97 sssa, but I ran into several problem with mine that caused me to get rid of it. (keep in mind this was my first bike)

1. rear wheel hop under hard rear braking

2. swingarm called for 170 tire, so my 190 rubbed for about 2hrs of riding before it shaved the 1/4 inch of excess rubber off of the edge

3. when I decided I was going to start stunting i had almost no sprocket options bigger than a 48T so it was Sold!!!

Now three years, 3 900's, 3 929's, and a gsxr 6 later I've learned what not to do and how boneheadded I was.
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Default RE: Single sided swingarm

show some completed pics
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