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Default Rpm

When not riding hard what does everyone like to keep their rpms under? When I'm out just enjoying the ride I try to keep the rpms under 7 just curious about what everyone else likes.
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For around town, I usually toe it up, at about 5 grand.

When scratching through my favorite twisties, I usually grab the next gear at about 10k.

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What madhat said
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I use to keep it around 4 but now I am around 5-6k, it keeps the engine cooler that way. It was a tip I got from my buddy and he was right, it also keeps you closer to your powerband incase you have to speed up quickly you can do so without taking time to clutch and downshift.
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5 or 6k
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Which bike, cause my F4i is completely different from my s1k

Which is a fun way of saying it depends on the bike. Like aslcbr600 said, I like to be near / in the powerband in case "go faster" is a better escape option than braking. On the F4i, that's around 7k. If I have to squirt around something, downshifting just eats time that could cause the window to narrow or close.

On the s1k, it's around "Key On"
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I'd like to say around 5 but I have no tach lol
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Originally Posted by djbrower2 View Post
When not riding hard what does everyone like to keep their rpms under?
I try to keep it under 5k when not riding hard on my 1000RR.
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What size bike?

Bike difference between a liter+ bike and a 600.
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He rides a 600rr zaqwert6. What rpm do you cruise at on the litre bike?

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