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How do you resist the need for speed?

Old 04-19-2011, 06:31 PM
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Default How do you resist the need for speed?

Cheezy title, I know.

(The next 3 paragraphs are semi-related but can be skipped by people that are of the TL : DR variety)

Anyway, I took the bike out for my first long distance ride of the season. I put about 200 miles in, but what really struck me was how the bike just wanted to go faster. The last time I did this section I was on a Ninja 500, and this ride really showed the difference the I4(with 100+ HP) makes vs. the twin(with 60 HP). One of the sections I rode is about 60 miles long, all uphill twisties, with extra wide lanes, good condition roads(A huge rarity around here), a reasonable speed limit (65 mph), and almost nobody on the road (saw 3 cars the whole way, all going in the other direction).

The whole way I was working to keep my speed down, with the Ninja I just rode to the edge of where the bike felt comfortable, which was right around the speed limit. With the CBR I figured it would be the same, but even at speeds that I won't mention here the bike just felt....well... the only word I can think of is perfect. It felt like it was finally in it's element after cruising around town at 40 and super slabs at 75. Even riding as hard as I've ever pushed a bike it just felt like it wanted to go faster. Every corner I went into I came out feeling more and more confident in the bike.

I really felt like this was the bike I always wanted, long ago with dirtbikes, then the ninja, I always had fun, but I felt like it was just not quite right, and now the CBR just fits perfectly.

Anyway, after that rant, back to the question at hand.

When you're out riding, and the bike just wants to go faster and faster, and harder and harder into the turns, how do you just say that enough is enough?
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I have only really gotten on it once so far when I was leaving a friends house with my buddy. My buddy was a bit behind because he hasnt gotten first gear down yet so he stalled a few times. Needless to say I was going much faster then the limit and got close to the stop sign down the road and decided to wait up for him. when I came to a stop I saw a cop following him who had been back at someones house in the woods and I hadnt seen him when I flew by. I went into town and hid behind a bank while my buddy kept stalling at the stop sign giving me time to get out of sight. After that and the outrageous price for insurance with only one ticket from 2.5 years ago I decided I would be better off to keep the speed down

edit: but I definitely know what you mean about coming out of a turn and just wanting to go faster and the bike feeling perfect.

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I don't think anyone who hadn't just gotten their first bike will honestly claim to have never peeked over the speed limit. In consideration of the forum rules, they won't brag about it though

How to resist it? By thinking about what you have to lose if there are consequences... ANY consequences. Caught by a cop: license, bike, bank account to state insurance. Wreck: health, life, ability to sleep at night peacefully. There's a time and place for that type of riding.

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I am very aware of the attraction you refer to. How to resist it? Maturity, which brings control.
Old 04-20-2011, 11:08 AM
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Originally Posted by MZ5 View Post
...How to resist it? Maturity, which brings control.
+1 Having ridden AZ roads, I'm well aware of the beautiful stretches of highway. Some of those stretches w/ very little in the way of ground cover (ie. nothing but desert) start to look the same. Its very easy to bump up your speed w/o realizing it. The interstate btwn Tucson & Phoenix is notorious for high speeds of 100+. I've been on that stretch being passed like I was sitting still.

Still, you have to exert control & keep your speed reasonable. What is reasonable? Well, most LEOs are going to give you 5mph over the speed limit on major hwys. That doesn't mean you should depend on this but rather to give you a little forgiveness for being a little over.

Find yourself a track. Trackdays are great for getting your *fix*.
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Maturity, and not wanting a speeding ticket.
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i think about gas mileage
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Most cops here will give ~10mph on surface streets, and ~15mph on the highway if you're being reasonable (ie not swerving, lane splitting, wheeling.)

I know whatcha mean, OP; even at 80+ on the freeway I -want- to hit triple digits. I can't afford the ticket that would bring, though, so I try (and usually succeed) in keeping myself in check.

There's a track out here that I want to go to to get those urges out, but I need some more gear before I can do that. They also do legal drag racing at the track, but a 1/4 mi doesn't seem like it'd satisfy the urge to go fast for a while. The local riders enjoy, ah, "spirited riding", but my finances won't let me join them, and my skills aren't good enough to make me confidant that I wouldn't be the slowest guy on the ride.

I've noticed that breaking the rules occasionally makes it easier to break the rules more often. So ... don't.
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definately maturity. i honestly believe the motorcycle license/permit age should be 21 or possibly even 25. 16 is waaaaayyyyy to young to be on a bike.
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Maturity, Wife, and 11 month old baby girl who I wanna see grow up.....

I dont have a hard time keepin the speeds down

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