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Hit a milestone today...250k! Some ride pics too

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Default Hit a milestone today...250k! Some ride pics too

Yup as the title states... the trusty old F4i rolled over 1/4 million miles today like it ain't no big thing, kept right on going! I know I'm a mile off, I was hoping to snap some pics soon as it turned but the road we were on was kinda sketchy to pull over safely so just went a little further up until we got to a parking lot. Close enough, lol. Still running like a dream!! 6 trackdays and counting (maybe I'll get fast one of these days.... smh)... doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon!

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Then a few other pics from todays (rather chilly) riding adventures

In front of us is Old Fort Rd... Awesome road but lots of gravel spots. It used to be part of my awesome 120 mile/day daily commute through the mountains everyday that I had back in 2010 before I moved. The road behind is we took for the first time today... awesome road but turns to gravel right at the end for a short ways (less than a mile I think) up to where we're at here

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Stopped in Black Mountain for some lunch... friend of mine that I used to work with several years ago (she was the HR lady at the last place I/we worked at).... her and her husband decided to start their own business and opened a small pizza shop. They just opened on Friday, so I wanted to go and show her some support and check it out. Freakin' GOOOOOD stuff!!

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Heading up NC 80... Lake Tahoma in the background

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Blue Ridge Parkway

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Got to the Brown Mountain overlook on NC 181 right after the sun went down. Had to get heading home after this cuz it was getting cooooold (prob high 30's/low 40's) and Scott doesn't have any heated gear so he wanted to get home before it got too cold. He's tough though I gotta hand it to him, lol

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Same spot but looking the other way over Table Rock mountain

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Then a few from yesterday (sat).... Scott and I were out geocaching as we've been doing for a bit here lately. Went for a little walk through the woods looking for one and buried in the middle of nowhere in the woods... an old house! Right past the house was a big open area surrounded completely by more woods, and there was a little hut type thing over by the trees. As we were walking past the house Scott made the comment "only thing that kinda worries me out here is that it's hunting season".... we get up to the open area and right then we hear a voice out of the hut... "trying to hunt over here". Kinda freaked us both out, we said oooookkkk and turned around and walked back the way we came, lol... never did find it

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So we wrote that one off and went to another not too terribly far away from that one. This one sounded pretty simple.... all the hints pointed towards steps. And steps we found! Supposedly many many moons ago there was an old funeral home here... a large part of the perimeter of the old crumble brick foundation is still there, forming a big hole in the middle of these trees! This wasn't far off the road but very much overgrown now. After looking all over around the steps, and after Scotts quote of the day, "Ummmm.... is that a skull over there??" (human.... but in his defense from the angle we were looking it really did look like one... ended up being an old white milk jug with some holes, lol), but we finally did find it. Not really near the steps prob 30 feet away under a broken end of a cinder block

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We had gotten kind of a late start since I had to work that morning, so it was getting late and we got heading home

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Then a few from Thursday (turkey day!)... it was almost 70 degrees and we both had the day off work, so why not?? Some more geocaching going up NC 181... didn't find anything here though

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Brown Mountain again

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Sunset in some kids park, lol.... this is the same spot where we found the old house in the woods above, but it was getting dark here and we didn't get that far in

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Went back to the house and it was foooood coma time! I must say Scotts mom is an awesome cook, lol. Even had some homemade apple pie and brownies too. She gave me a box and said to take as much home as I wanted, along with some homemade chicken and rice soup too. Certainly can't complain!

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Aaaand what the hell... been awhile since I posted any ride pics up so a few from last weekend too. Our first try at geocaching... this one was pretty easy and found it right away. Lots of these, like this one, are right on our normal ride routes, we just never knew they were there, lol. Kinda silly but still fun

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Then up the normal route... Brown Mountain yet again

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Up NC 80.... Lake Tahoma

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Supposed to be another cache at NC 80 and the Blue Ridge Parkway off on a little trail. Apparently last year sometime the forest service did a controlled burn and it was destroyed, said he was gonna put it back but never did find it. We did have our own little parking nook though, lol

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Started getting late so we made our way back towards home... with a stop at Ryans Buffet for some dinner

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Did I mention we like to eat?? LOL (this was actually from the night before, but oh well)

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I think that's all I got for now, haha. Sorry for so many... I like pictures, heh
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Wow, 250,000 miles?

What's the biggest repair you've had to do on the bike?
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Originally Posted by thirdgenlxi View Post
the trusty old F4i rolled over 1/4 million miles today
well, it took you long enough!!

j/k - another great trip log jared, always makes me itchy to go outside and ride. what's the name of the new eats place?
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wow, that is amazing, im glad your put the word out there to prove to some of these guys that these bikes are not ready to blow at 15,000 just because thats what most kids see because people crash these bikes so often!
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Originally Posted by That Guy in Maine View Post
Wow, 250,000 miles?

What's the biggest repair you've had to do on the bike?
Trans repair back in 2008, jumping out of 3rd gear. Had to replace 3rd and 6th gears and the shift fork. Prob gonna have to do it again this winter as 3rd gear is starting to get a little fussy again.... it's not bad but I want to get it fixed before track season starts again

Originally Posted by regener8ed View Post
well, it took you long enough!!

j/k - another great trip log jared, always makes me itchy to go outside and ride. what's the name of the new eats place?
Hahah I know I've actually slowed down a little bit, believe it or not! LOL. The name of the place is Pepperonis Gourmet Pizza in Black Mountain right on Hwy 70 going towards Swannanoa in the WNC shopping center. Real nice little place!

We still gotta meet up sometime... I know we tried a couple years ago but never did, lol
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Nice pics as usual Jared. Now, I'm hungry too. ;-)

Here's Jared's rebuild thread...
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Man, makes mine look like A baby with 5800 on clock! Congrats man, that is quite a feat
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May be a crazy thing to say but it only shows 50,001 miles. Do these not go to the 100,000 maker place?

On a more positive note: That's freakin' awsome!

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