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Staying safe, self control, and such...

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Default Staying safe, self control, and such...

So, I picked up my '03 600RR in September, took MSF and got endorsed before I rode it (well, the day I bought it I rode it 4 miles home before I was endorsed, but then it sat in the garage for ten days until everything was proper). Since then, I've ridden almost every day (mostly low traffic twisties and the like), and I've got a couple thousand street miles under my belt.

I grew up racing motocross, and actually was an 80cc state champion; when I moved up to the big bikes I eventually turned pro and did that for a while until I finally admitted to myself that I had found all the speed I was going to find. Having raced solid for 15 years, I knew where my limit was, and that it wasn't high enough to continue racing for anything other than enjoyment. Also, I was getting tired of the crashing and physical abuse. So, for the last few years, I've just ridden my dirt bike and tried to have fun. However, I've always had the inkling to try roadracing, nothing serious, just to see if I like it. Enter recent purchase.

The thing is, I'm having a hard time with self control on the street. My entire life, I've been hammering that right hand, and I'm starting to wonder if maybe I shouldn't ride on the street, and just stick to tracks. (I've yet to ride on a road course, I was wanting to do a few track days and then racing school in the spring). Now, I'm not one of those squidly fishes who finds the top of sixth gear every time he rides (I've never found it, I actually haven't had the bike over 120), but it's not uncommon for me to link together a few good turns towards the top of third. But after I get off the bike, I kick myself for going that fast on the street, with who knows what lurking around the next corner. If I was at a track, it would be a completely different story, but I guess I just don't think triple digit speeds are good outside of a closed course. I'm not riding on the edge of my ability, just a little faster than I'd like to go on public roads.

I want to be a safe rider, and I just thought I'd ask for advice from people who may have experienced something similar. I'm hoping that it's just the novelty of sport bikes, and that it will wear off soon. For what it's worth, when I was 18-22 or so, I drove my car (which was fast) like a moron, and had a lot of tickets, a license suspension, etc. I'm now 33, and I never drive fast, haven't had a ticket in maybe ten or eleven years. But I get on the bike, and the racer in me wants out. Now, I haven't let him out, even on my quickest ride, but I've let him see a little bit of daylight.

I don't know. I have two perfect 3 year old twins, a beautiful wife, and this fear that the road might not be the best place for me to ride a motorcycle. I always read "The Pace," and do my best to follow that, but sometimes my right hand overrules better judgment. I haven't ridden with anyone, I think it might help to find a group of older sportbike riders. I would like to be one of them someday.

So, if some of you guys who have ridden these for years might want to chime in, I'm all ears.
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Tape a picture of your family on the back side of your wind shield and look at it before you crank that right hand.......works for me
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Originally Posted by madtaz10665 View Post
Tape a picture of your family on the back side of your wind shield and look at it before you crank that right hand.......works for me
I am going to do the same! I find it very hard to stay off the throttle. I grew up in Kansas with wide open highways and I got too used to cruising over 120 mph and hitting 160 on a daily basis. Move to present day in Dallas, TX. I never get to reach 160 and it drives me nuts. I could but it's not worth the ticket or hurting someone including me. You never really get over it, you just learn to control it.
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OP - Get to the track ASAP if that's your true desire.

For years I rode much like you have described however the instant I came back from my first trackday, everything changed. I simply don't have the desire to "prove" myself on the street anymore. Instead I became a licenced road racer and let those results speak for themselves rather than continuing to collect "performance awards".....something insurance never appreciates.

You are already well aware of the dangers so I won't comment on that topic.

Good luck, stay safe and above all, never exceed 80% on the street.
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Tell me about it! I have had my share of car accidents and other various impulsive behaviors that ended bad. I sat down one day after I rear ended someone (definately at fault) and asked myself if I was done learning the hard way or if i was just going to keep screwing up big.

On my bike and i definately speed and try to touch my knee on the off ramps at times but i know if I keep it up one day I will be thinking how it wasnt worth it to crash just because it wouldve fealt awesome to take that corner faster or make the light. So I really just try to focus on getting where I am going with me and my bike in one piece because that is always satisfying where as taking more risks than necessary on the road can be not only end up in a wreck but on a bike you might just die.

Especially if you have kids you gotta think about them man, I think about my family and friends and what their gonna think if I crash. I feel like they are all just kind of waiting for it to happen and that just makes me want to show them i have a little self discipline.

I think you and i have what i consider a "Need for Speed" and the thing is you gotta constantly be actively supressing it no matter how bad you want to go WOT.

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