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Picked up the pace.. (long post)

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Default Picked up the pace.. (long post)


Ok, so, I've been riding for about a month now. Already put on about 1500 miles on my '05 1krr. There's a local road around here that I've ridden with a friend probably 10-15 times. Just enough to get familiar with it, it's an old airport road that is MOSTLY not used.

Anyways, usually my friend and I (or by myself) will take these roads/corners around 40-50 MPH. and we've been trying to slowly and gradually pick up the pace. But on my way home today, I wasn't even planning on taking the road, but i saw 2 other riders at the stop sign, waiting for me, so i figured what the hell, i'll ride with them. (This is the first time I've rode with someone else other than my 2 friends).

Going into it, i knew they were going to be a little faster than me, I've only had my bike for a month after all. But man, was i blown away, these guys were quick. Granted they have smaller bikes than i do (gsxr 750, zx6r), so they lost me on the corners. But i found myself pushing the envelope on my comfort zone.. Here I am taking corners that I'm used to at 45 MPH, taking them at 65 MPH, leaning the bike over MUCH more, and staying tighter in on the bike than i'm used to.

Now the point of me wasting your time on this long post is... is it just me, or, is it scary as hell? I mean, sure it was exhilarating, but after i came to a stop, i was nervous and scared to turn around and go back. I think it was also because there are a lot of blind corners and they were taking them like nothing. And i don't know the "limits" of my bike, or of motorcycles in general, i mean, i'm leaning in closer, and closer, not knowing when is too much and gonna low slide, or when is too little and gonna take the corner too wide... I mean i only learned so much in the MSF.

But my question is, is it normal to be scared? I mean to the point of almost scaring myself out of wanting to do it again. Although, that is my eventual goal, to ride like that more often.
I really want to take a track day before going out like that again, especially on a "public" road. But it also seems like, 95% of the riders out here are like that.

Anyways, now i'm just rambling..... Thought? Concerns? Help?

This is the road that i'm talking about: Map

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It's normal. Not riding your own ride is a really good way to get hurt; you're not as alert when you're scared.

From what I've read, you're best running at about 80% of capability. So, if taking those corners at 45 is easy, then take them at 50-55. Push yourself a little, but don't put yourself in a position where you're white-knuckling your grips, especially if you don't know the limits of your bike.

You'll look much more foolish if you wreck your bike trying to keep up than you will falling back. Few people expect a new rider to drag knee around a corner, and if they do, then they're wrong.
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Thats a great road to practice on! Got a little of everything!

This is the road i learned on MAP

But keep it simple, Dont push it too much. Remember Shiny Side up!

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If i could get the map to work that would be awesome! HAHAHA1
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Yes, exceeding your comfort zone = unintended results. Thankfully, your ability allowed you to maintain composure. There’s a reason why you hear this preached so much…Ride Your Own Ride.

That scared-ness is your common-sense telling you that you’re riding the edge of your ability. You sound like you’ve got a handle on your observation though. That is good. You recognize what you did & are going to grow from it.

As you mention, track days would be an excellent way to learn new skills in a controlled environment. Find yourself a good track day organization that offers a new rider “school”. You will learn a lot.

Don’t worry about confidence...it will come. The more riding you do, the more experience you will gain & the better rider you will be.

Hang in there…grow, learn, & ride safe.
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Those guys could be veteran motorcyclists on bikes they've ridden for ten years. Or they could just be crazy. Never let other riders push you past your limitations.
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