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Private 'Wanted' Classifieds Looking for something? Tell us! But protect yourself when buying or selling ... know who you're dealing with.
Announcements in Forum : Private 'Wanted' Classifieds
05-22-2012 until 06-22-2020
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Trolls and Emails

Since CBRF is such an awesome bike site we get a lot of members and page views. Sometimes the peeps are just plain crazy. To that end please be aware that said looney toons might contact you VIA email claiming to be from here. They might even use a program that makes it look like the email is from me or other staff members here.

Never hit reply. Take an extra second and paste the address in a new email. This will prevent you from sending the troll anything. Ya, he can do what a 12 year old Nigerian scammer can do by fronting an email address. Woot for him.

Not hitting reply is a good practice to follow regardless. Our resident idiot is only 1 of millions of losers out to cause you trouble.

Any correspondence from CBRF will be via PM ... unless you give out your password the Private Message function is secure.
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READ THIS Before Posting an Ad

The classified section is in a rather sorry state. A mish mash of all kinds of stuff for sale ... some with multiple listings and most missing either a picture, price or location.

In order to make our classifieds better for the members who buy stuff I'm instituting some guidelines going forward. Depending how things work out these guidelines may change over time so any time you decide to post a classified please check out this announcement.

*** As of 5/12/09 we will no longer edit out bumps. Violation of the for sale guidelines will result in deletion of your post. If you are smart enough to find this forum and figure out how to post something for sale, we gotta figure you're smart enough to read the announcements and stickys.

1) You must achieve Senior Member status before posting anything for sale on CBRF. All future classifieds by non senior members will be deleted. Senior member status is achieved by 100 or more posts in sections other than "off topic" and "for sale". Post whoring in the other sections to raise post count will not be allowed either

2) All classifieds will have: a) price b) picture of item for sale c) location of item . Failure to include these will result in your ad being deleted. It is a good idea to post up location and price in the title but is not a requirement.

3) Do not "bump" your for sale item. There are days I go through the classifieds and 8 of 10 posts are bumps. We have a great search function with the new site so peeps should easily be able to locate your item. Adding tags will certainly improve your item being found in a search. If you haven't had any bites in 2 weeks you may bump the thread to the top. Constant bumping will cause your thread to be deleted.

4) Classifieds with no activity for 30 or more days will be closed. The thread will still be searchable and readable but no new posts can be made. If you need the thread re-opened just PM a moderator or admin.

5) Your classified ad WILL NOT SHOW UP until it has been reviewed and approved by a moderator. If you forgot to add pictures or did not post a price or location don't be surprised if your post is not approved.

6) Regardless of how much you think you are helping the general membership with your one-of-a-kind stuff, there will be no exceptions to the policies listed here. Period.

These are simple things that should make our classifieds a better place to buy and trade. Thanks for your cooperation.

Edited: 1/25/09 Post approval notice
Edited: 5/23/09 Guideline #4 addition
Edited: 5/12/09 Notification of deletedness ... ***
Edited: 5/8/09 Change to #1 Guideline
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