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Html33 03-11-2017 12:40 PM

CBR125 2007 Fuel Injection - Diganostics
Hi Everyone. I'm looking for some assistance.

I've just bought a CBR125 for very little money and it will need some work doing.
When I got the bike, a lot of the electrics have been disconnected, the engine is loose in the frame and air box and throttle body wasn’t on very well, throttle cable was off, just to give you an idea of the condition.

For some reason the Fuel Injector cable into the throttle body had been cut, and the fuel pump from the CDI has also been grounded to the frame.

When the ignition is switched on, you immediately here the fuel pump prime, and continue to prime. If I disconnect this bypassed earth cable, it does not prime what so ever?

I have disconnected from the throttle body and we are getting good amount of fuel out.

Since owning the bike I have;

Drained the tank completely & filled with 10L of fuel.
Gone around and reconnected all plugs
Re-soldered Fuel Injector back together
Completely removed & stripped the throttle body, refitted snug with no air leaks
Tested / cleaned the injector and see it spray fuel for over 10 seconds.....

When switching the bike on I am getting 5 Long flashes, and 4 Short flashes, from what I understand this is code 54 - and related to the "Bank Angle Sensor" - Bingo, yes it is disconnected.....

What I find very strange is that there IS a spark despite the error, but as soon as I bridge the two outside connectors together I loose my spark (Reading up online and this should bypass it) I loose the spark, however the fault code goes on the dash?

I'm also not hearing the fuel injector solenoid kick in (although it is quiet) but when I manually bypass that too, it still does not fire? (Although can't control the flow....)

I have had two back fires through the exhaust

Why would a previous owner have bypassed the fuel pump?
Why would the CDI not switch the fuel pump on?
Why am I not hearing the fuel injector solenoid when I try to start it?
Why do I loose a spark when I bypass the Bank Angle Sensor?

I'm at this stage suspecting the CDI could be faulty but does anyone else have any suggestions first?

James Collingridge 12-22-2017 11:38 AM

Any luck with this?

CaBaRet 12-22-2017 12:28 PM

Hi matey , that post is a few years old now, have you got a problem with yours?

James Collingridge 12-22-2017 04:29 PM


Originally Posted by CaBaRet (Post 1310406)
Hi matey , that post is a few years old now, have you got a problem with yours?

Seems to be a simular problem i have owened the bime since 4,500 miles 30k onward it lit the fi light telling me the tilt sensor is at fault, kept cutting out and struggling to start, i removed the sensor and strangely the bike still ran but still cut out occasionally, i also tried looping each of the 3 connections but i presume the sensor has some kind of resistance, today the bike would not start at all and seems to have no spark at all from the cap or lead, anything else worth checking or should i jusr wait for the new tilt switch to come? No fault lights are currently being displayed but as soon as the starter button is pressed the fi light is on constantly

CaBaRet 12-22-2017 09:17 PM

Hi , does the bike not start at all, if it turns over you need to keep it turning over for 10 seconds to produce Diagnostic codes, then check the codes by shorting the DLC to produce them, page 5-12 of your manual

Html33 12-23-2017 04:00 AM

Hi all,

So compression tested the bike a week or so later after this posted and was only about 110psi, so i put it down to that.

The bike is actually now completed, it's intensions were to be a stunt bike, so being fuel injected any way was not ideal.

I have dropped a carb'd engine into the frame, so obviously fitted carb, cdi, wiring loom, tank, airbox from carb'd version.

All runs spot on now, should have videos soon of the wheelies etc,
complete stunt cage from Poland, rear handbrake setup

Need to complete the front end (got oem panels to fit) and that's about it now :)
Complete Cagiva mito 125 front end as well, brembo front caliper :)


Html33 12-23-2017 04:01 AM


Originally Posted by CaBaRet (Post 1310406)
Hi matey , that post is a few years old now, have you got a problem with yours?

Only 8 months :P

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