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Broken Speedo Or Conspiracy??

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Default Broken Speedo Or Conspiracy??

Why is it Digital speedos stop clocking at 185mph/299kmph??
I thought it was just me but then last night swapped with a friend his new R1 and same thing.
He says it must be a Euro thing as it stops clocking at 299kmph so technically the bike NEVER goes 300kmph.. if it doesn't say it, it doesn't do it philosophy.
Even though we both hit 299 still in 5th with a click left to go, I think he's right that its a kmph thing, otherwise why have it stop at 299, where 185 is totally random, as I cant think of anything significant about stopping at 185.
So why stop speedos from hitting 300kmph??
Any ideas?
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Definitely a conspiracy - I understand that there's a 'gentlemen's agreement' in place limiting production motorcycles to less than 300 kph

There are murmurs online that it began with a letter from The Emperor of Japan to the Japanese motorcycle manufacturers at the height of the speed wars in 1999-2000. At that time the Hayabusa had hit 303 kph, and Kawasaki was poised to up the ante with the ZX12R. So the story goes, after the imperial intervention, the European OEM's voluntarily opted-in as well, and to this day, all bikes have a 300 kph limit. Easy enough to defeat, but requires modification

Super interesting period in motorcycle history imo
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Its not that the BIKE itself has a 300kph limit..
Its the SPEEDOs that have a 299kph limit.
As I pointed out I still have 500rpm of acceleration in 5th, then clik-6 and tac drops about 2800rpm and 2300rpm of that is MORE acceleration. On radar its 208mph/335kph and that's when not messing with it like say kill the rev limiter(as in 6th its down at 12200rpm and ign rev lim kicks in, but w/o that itll run pwr up almost to 13k.)
Im sure it MUST be a KPM thing.. Didn't know before it was all brands until last week when traded off and ran friends R1, Im sure is higher top end than CBR as I still had ~2krpm left in 5th when hit 299 and speedo stopped working. took it to revlim in 6th then let off and took a while before the numbers started tickng down 298, 294, 290,288.. maybe a 1/4mile.. Much longer than on CBR.
That was the thing that got me hooked like heroine back in 1992 was my 900 with just new main jets and a minor exhaust mod(to factory slipon) and I was clocked(THANKFULLY by a nieghbor) at 207.. which immedeatly on coming onto hwy slowed it to 60ish. Never noticed he followed me down 3 exits later and as waiting at light tapped me on shoulder and walked me over.. Later that niht we hit the then yet to be opened 303 and clocked 212 as top speed. Basicly a factory bike easily over 200. in ~1/3mile.
But now it also makes me think as my Daytona 955i also tops out at 186 (never put it on radar) had ust figured it was actual. but now donno. My 05 &12 CBRs dont stop clocking on the speedos but Im thinking maybe thats why the speedo on my 98 is so fukd up.. Ill be doing 70ish and It'll say Im doing 105. the error is sick! and it want always like that. but up to 55ish its right on task, just get on hwy and the error is rediculous. like its making up for all those 'Free Miles' I've gotten over the yrs as if speedo says only doing 185 but reaqlly doing 205 then thats 20mph Not clocked on Odometer.. so now itsjust the opposite in Over reporting the speed 20-30mph so odo overclocks 20-30%..
Never gave it much thought, cause lets be honest WTF was the last time you Ever looked at the speedo on a bike?? Maybe while passing the cop on side of road you'll look down, otherwise, not really even then as you know your speeding or not and too buisy watching him in mirror to see if he will pull out or not. then which way your wrist will turn.. so not really even then do you look at speedo.
But Id heard the new CBRs were supposed to be faster blablabla all same crap But I still see no upgrade from my 2012 except the seat sucks and riding positions more cramped, so wait again for next yr to see. I still say my fastest CBR is my 05 and most comfy is 98/92 dam close. 2012 is more bells and whistles than 05 but definatly slower.. and nothing since tells me time to get a new one. but definatly a multibrand conspiracy when both the CBR and R1 both stop clocking at 299 and both easily go WAYYY faster. When back in GA this summer gonna take out my Trumpet set on KPH and see if thats also the case 299.. but if it does go faster its not by much, Id guess top speed is ~195(differance wouldnt really feel (186-195mph) or notice in any way, so gonna have them clocked and see) same as my 999R, they both have killer torque, but not so much on the HP needed to get the speed up there over 200.
As Maybe for a time they actually DID limit the bikes to 300kph..??.. then now they just limit the speedos at 299kph. I mean they have speed governors on just about Every sports car out there now that all EFI comp controlled. I get a kick outta ppl going on how thier Mustang/Challenger/Camero does 160/65/70mph.. when all 3 of those cars are limited to ~145mph. need to totally swap out the EM with an aftermarket computer, just changing maps doesnt work as the gov will still be on the new maps..
So Im thinking this speed limit thing mighta started 2004ish for the bikes (my 05-CBR I changed out the boxes and did the other typical mods soon as had my 1000mile breakin done so probly why I Dont Remember any governors on it) but would/could explain why my 04 Daytona and 06-999 are so slow top ends.. But my 2012 never had any real mods done to it aside from some mapping and exhaust and it clocks over 299kph, always has, so thinking they stopped for a while and now going back to a 200 top speed, only this time its 299 top RECORDED Speed as the speedos just stop clocking at 299 but bikes clearly are going WTF faster.. about same speed as my 2012 with mods. (but as said MINOR mods so not a differance worh getting a new bike)
If Anything.. I was Impressed as all hell with friends R1.. Never liked yammis.. uncomfortable/awkward handling/ehhh performance. but thenew one is more comfy than the new CBR, about same handling ish, and more power accel and top end. CBR has beter 50-150-50 so overall better preforming bike at normal speeds, but an R1 can outrun it, maybe 2-3mph higher TE and accelerates from stop quicker, and more comfy.. sooo.. nahh just kidding.. hate yammis and thier top heavy feeling. still luv that a CBR rooollllsss into a turn not drops into a turn.
Now need to try to take a buncha other new bikes out on hwy and see how far the speedos go. I bet they all do DUC dealer wants me test the new Supersport says Ill luv it so much better get a ride over there as Ill be riding a new DUC home after a test. I can maybe also getm to let me take out the new ZX and speed triple just because.. Beyond those My dealer options(they all know if I get off a bike and go WOW!! its time to send someone to DMV to reg the bike for me as Ill be riding That one home.. been awhile since I said WOW, so all are trying to Sell Me a bike..) are done so have to wait for ppl to buy the new bikes so can do a swap or something.. Even my oldest daughter has been looking for a new 600 past 2yrs, but not impressed. Youngest daughter is the smart one.. I get home and a bike havent seen for months is in garage and a differant one is now 'missing' Being a litre luvr herself, theres a few for her to choose from, so swapping bikes out every 6months is for her like always having a new bike. 600s I just got the old GPZ and Hurricane I taught my kids to ride on, so oldest is stuck.. being a 600 fan..

If you/Anyone manage to ride any New litre bikes post it up if they stop clocking at 299kph or if they actually keep on going... I wanna know how far the conspiracy goes.. As I cant think of a single litre bike that Can't do over 299/186. so be nice to find out which have governors and which the speedos just stop working and freeze at 299 or if some are both. Speedo stops at 299 and can barely go much faster than that. as ALL Litre bikes should be over 200m/235kph now, seeing how the R1 can.
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I figure if they gave the speedo a 300 kph limit, it'd absolve them of any responsibility, whether or not the actual machines can go faster

I remember seeing a report put out by a police department in Texas about some of the worst speeding offenders. Several bikes north of 208, and this in the span of one month. Seems doubtful that all those riders had killed the limiters beforehand

The manufacturers are probably still adhering to the spirit of the agreement, since they can all advertise a 300 kph max speed, without having to worry about one of their rivals making something faster. Without ever chasing the end of 6th myself, I'd say this might be one of those 'shhh don't ruin it' kind of things
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