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Bike knocked over, Found out WHO :)

Old 11-05-2013, 12:26 AM
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Talking Bike knocked over, Found out WHO :)

So parked the bike for a few days, everytime i walk by it looks fine. Then im going to work and after not using it for three days i go to start it and it wont start right. Seems like a low battery, but after a few tries she starts up. Lil worried now i actually look at everything and lo and behold my mirror is gone, snapped off at the stem, mirror no where in sight. New scratcheds and gouges on fairings and tail fairing has a nice new big crack. And it didnt tip over the nice gentle way, it was forced to fall over the kickstand. Bent the metal plate on the foot of the kickstand and then pushed the foot shifter and guard so it was sitting on the chain. had to use a hammer to force it back. Now i had no idea bc the bike was set back up in the same spot. anywhooo of course i was pissed this happened the oct 31, no idea who it coulda been. whatever it was boudn to happen wasnt gonna let it ruin my life.

BUUUUUT THEN! i get home late tn and walking across street a guy is walking to meet me onthe other side, lil sketch. Immediately starts talking bout the bike and whaaaammo he saw everything! even the same MINIVAN was parked 2 spots away ))))) sooooo now my question is what is the best way to make this guy miserable. Nothing criminal mind. Go with a note, i know what you did last halloween? just call and report it to the police and then leave that on his windshield? any suggestions ? Wanna make this guy squirm a lil and get money for a new mirror. Cant staaaaand Dirtbags.......dont try to cover up what you did a$$hole bc karma is a bitch.
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My 2c is if someone say, bangs a car door on to mine and makes a dent, and apologises and offers to cover my loss I'm cicilised and make my best efforts to get it done as cheap as possible, BUT if some weasel either runs and gets caught or tries to talk it down I make them burn! I say take the hardest, longest and most expensive way, make a police report and say you have an eye witness, and let the cops tell the douche cause that'll scare him even more (assuming it's a he) and if he tries to squirm out of it by offering money say that you lost your chance by running. Dunno how the insurance goes there but here I'd either get new fairings on his cost or if I'd get enough total the bike and get the cash.
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+1 on the police report. Not only will they be liable by insurance payment, they can technically be liable for hit and run and in Georgia, conspiracy to conceal evidence after a crime. Those are criminal leading to restitution an blah blah. Don't ask me how I know worst case you have documented legal evidence for a civil case which can lead to restitution, down time payment and repair cost at the value of a dealership doing the work. That's plenty to cause me to not only squirm but have to change my shorts.
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+1 police report and witness.

welcome to the forum.
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I love it when a plan comes together!

Can you spot any paint on your bike from his car? That's strongly corroborating evidence which will be difficult for the PD to ignore.

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