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Newbie With Doubts...

Old 05-12-2008, 12:55 PM
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Default Newbie With Doubts...

Hey Girls,
My husband told me to go on this forum as I have some doubts about my journey into riding. Gota 99 600F4 to fix up and will begin riding when I am all done. Finished the riding course last week and was empowered as a woman in a men's world. Having some insecurities to begin riding, does the risk out-weigh the reward?? Love riding, scared of dangers and being a new rider not being able to get out of some potentially dangerous situations. I need to hear it ALL! I am young and successful... as I am sure you are too, so let me hear it!!! Any Cape Cod ladies out there??
Old 05-12-2008, 02:08 PM
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Default RE: Newbie With Doubts...

Well, I would like to think of myself being young - don't feel old. Anyway, I have been riding for 30+ years, well before MSF courses and the need for Motorcycle licenses. Do the rewards out weigh the risk? To me, yes. Riding even driving has become more dangerous over the past decade and half with the frak'in distraction. (Cell phones, etc) One way to practice being on the bike amoung the cagers is to drive a car like you would your motorcycle. Look threw corners, look to where you want to go. Stay out of blind spots. Watch the body movements of the drivers around you. Their body language often gives clues on what they are about to do next.

Operation of the bike itself: Find a nice big clean parking lot. Practice emergency stops and advoidance manuevers, slow speed cornering, etc. The more you practice with the bike and are confident with the operation of it the better you will handle being out in traffic.

ATGATT = All the Gear All the Time!
Hold to the 12 hour rule - No alcohol, etc while riding.
Always practice no matter how proficient you become.

Hope that helps......
Old 05-12-2008, 08:34 PM
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Default RE: Newbie With Doubts...

When I was learning to ride, I was always told, "The more you know, the better it gets." I have found that statement to be quite true. I started on a Honda Rebel 250 last year. When I got it home, I was afraid to even ride it. When I did finally get the courage, I rode around all day in first gear. (Across the road from my house, is a newly developed subdivision. GREAT place to learn to ride.) I was SO afraid that if I tried to change gears, I would pop the clutch and the front wheel would leave the ground. LOL! I don't think that bike is capable of wheelies - it doesn't have any power. Anyway, I just took my time and rode at my own pace. I didn't let anyone talk me into riding somewhere or in situations where I didn't feel comfortable. Eventually, I got bored of riding in the subdivision and wanted to venture out on the the roads. I live out in the country and didn't really have to worry about traffic. I then stayed on the back roads for the longest. I didn't feel confident enough to venture out on the highway because I wasn't riding at highway speed yet and didn't want the others on the road to get pissed because I was going too slow. Slowly, my nerve was built up enough and I was ready to go get into some traffic. I was feeling very comfortable on the bike and I figured the only way I was going to learn was just to do it. I wasn't the least bit nervous and I wouldn't have done it if I was still having reservations. Then, I got to the point where I would ride anywhere. Though, I still do not get on the interstate. I just have no desire. I want to cruise around and enjoy the scenery. I want to take the long way; not the fastest way. That's the beauty of riding. I even got to the point where I ride to work, and to other places, alone. It doesn't bother me in the least.

Recently, I moved up to an 07 CBR 600RR and I love it! LOL! I thought I was SO cool on my little 250! But, hey, I learned to ride on that bike and I don't regret getting it first. I remember when my 250's odometer turned to 1,000 miles. I thought I had really accomplished something. Putting 1,000 miles on the RR took at lot less time. I ride it all the time. It was almost like learning to ride again when I first got my RR. The difference between those 2 bikes is the difference between night and day. Although, I wasn't really afraid to ride the RR on day one and take her out on the road and go through the gears, I still felt awkward and new. I am staring to feel more confident on the RR and I have taken it to work on numerous occasions. Soon, I will be getting it lowered and I think that will make a world of difference in my confidence level.

So, hang in there. Go at your own pace. Don't let anyone talk you into doing something you aren't comfortable with. Eventually, you'll get there and it really does get better the more you know (learn).
Old 05-13-2008, 04:25 AM
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Default RE: Newbie With Doubts...

+1 on what the girls have already said.

The key to getting your confidence is riding within your comfort level. If you are not comfortable riding your bike to an empty parking lot to practice, ask your hubby to do it for you.

It's all about practicing, practicing and then practicing some more. I still go out to parking lots after 14+ yrs of riding.

And please, ride in proper gear because we never know when we might need it.
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Default RE: Newbie With Doubts...

Forget all the pressure that says you have a bike therefore you must be good and ride fast everywhere .. it's kinda nonsense really .. we ride on the road not on race tracks .. so as said above just ride in your own comfort levels and if that means just 40 - 50 mph tops for a year then so be it ... watch out for cars though .. for some reason we are invisible to them .. if you ride believing you are actually invisible it kinda helps .. it doesn't matter how long it takes does it?? .. there's simply no rush :-)

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Default RE: Newbie With Doubts...

You have got the MSF so congrats !!!! That is an excellent starting point , take your time ride your own ride ...never try to out ride your own limits. Also you might find a track school very helpful , I love to ride track anyway but I found it helped me great with street riding as well
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