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backdoc 05-20-2013 11:43 PM

MSD 4350 Launch Master Installation CBR 954
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The MSD Powersports Launch Master is a universal low RPM limiter. It will provide consistent launches and quicker 60-foot times by setting an rpm limit to stage with. Once the green light comes on, release the clutch and take off - but be sure to hold on! The rpm is adjusted with two built-in rotary dials ranging from 1,800 - 9,900 rpm in 100 rpm increments. A handy LED shows when the launch rev limit is active.

- Holds the RPM at Consistent level
- Adjust the RPM with Rotary Dials
- Compact and Easy to Install

Notes for installing on other bikes. This RPM limiter should work on any bike with individual ignition coils. It helps to have the service manual along with the wiring diagram for your bike. You will need to locate the clutch switch wires and using a multimeter determine if the clutch switch is a ground activated or 12-volt activated switch. The Honda CBR954 along with most other bikes are ground activated. You can determine this by locating the clutch wires under the front of the airbox and testing them with the multimeter. Set the meter to volts and connect the positive lead to the positive on the battery. Connect the negative lead to one of the clutch wires and note the voltage then pull in the clutch lever. If the voltage goes from zero to 12 volts that is a ground activated switch. A 12-volt switch would require the negative lead to the battery and positive to the clutch wire to get the 12-volt reading when the clutch lever is pulled in.

Now for the installation on a Honda CBR 954:

1. Remove seat and prop up the gas tank

2. Remove the airbox and heat shield

3. Now you have a clear view of all 4 ignition coils along with several groups
of wires near the neck of the frame. (Pic#1)

4. The clutch switch has 2 black wires with one going into a white connector
and one going into a black connector. (Pic#2)

5. Route the MSD Launch Master harness along the right frame rail. Unplug
the OEM coil plug on #4 and connect the first small connector from the harness into the OEM connector then the other end to the ignition coil. Repeat this for the other 3 coils. (Pic#1)

6. Now its time to connect the blue activation wire. Locate the black wire going into the white connector. Connect the blue wire to the black wire for a ground activated clutch switch.(Pic#2)

7. Route the harness to the rear of the bike or where you want to mount the MSD Launch Master control box. (Pic#4&5)

8. On a CBR 954 you need to connect the RED wire from the control box to the 4-wire GREEN plug and the 4-wire TAN plug from the control box to the 4-wire ORANGE plug. (Pic#3)

9. Connect the ground wire either to the negative battery terminal or main bike ground.

You are now ready to use the MSD Launch Master. Set the RPM you want to launch on the control box. I took my bike out for a test ride tonight and had the RPM set at 3,500 to test it and it worked great. Now at the drag strip I will not have to look at the tach once I am staged. Just hold the throttle just high enough to activate the Launch Control and watch the lights.

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