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VFR800 vs F4i vs ZX-6R

Old 04-27-2011, 02:30 AM
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Default VFR800 vs F4i vs ZX-6R

So I find myself at a crossroads where I have come to you knowledgeable folk to use you as a wall to bounce ideas off of.

I sold my f4i two seasons ago and I have been itching to get back into it ever since and I am currently trying to decide which bike to go with.

My three choices are:

2002 Honda VFR800
2002 VFR 800 - Inspected
Details: 29,XXX miles, a K&N filter, throttlemeister, and some other mods. He is asking 3700 I would probably offer 3500 or so.

Thoughts: I loved my Katana and a touring bike that has a side of supersport in it seems like the ticket in a lot of ways. However I have heard that the VTEC that kicks in (lulz) is a really pronounced thing and can mess up your lines/etc. Also, the bike has a lot of miles although I know they can go up to a lot of miles if properly maintained.

I feel as though it would be rather hard to sell for a decent amount of money.

2006 Kawasaki ZX-6R
2006 zx6r kawasaki
16,000 miles. Would most likely buy a fairing kit as he states they have some rash. He is asking 4500 but the kbb on a GOOD one is 4200, so I would offer him 3000-3500.

Thoughts: Although it is a supersport and would have extra ****ty ergos....it is pretty. Like pretty pretty. Aside from that I am sure I would be able to flip it for at least what I paid if I decided to sell it next season.

2003 Honda CBR600F4i
Honda CBR 600 F4i
2,900 miles. He is asking 4000 I would probably offer 3500.

Thoughts: The exact color combination I want on an F4i. The last year they made it without the banana seat. Practically brand new. Unmolested...no mismatched and lost screws to be found here. The ONLY thing keeping me from driving to that city and looking in every garage for the bike to buy it is the fact that I have already had an F4i...and I feel as though I would want to try something different.

Overall It is mostly between the F4i and the VFR...and I really hate how high the mileage is on the VFR. I really want to try something new and the F4i was a little bit uncomfortable for me but I feel as though I'd be an idiot to pass up the F4i in the color combination I want with such low, unmolested mileage. The ZX-6R is sexy as hell but I do not really feel like sourcing new plastic fairings and dealing with the bull**** of an abusive owner.

Thoughts? If you guys have any suggestions, especially in the pricing region (I am offering too much, they want too much, etc.), let me know.

-Duo Maxwell

Hmmm.....this is slightly tempting as well....http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/n...346941702.html

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I hate to say this (cause I love my F4i) but sounds like you should go with the VFR. If you've already experienced the F4i and feel like you want to try something different, I don't think you should go back to it just because of the reasons that you stated.

That being said, you should try to get a test ride on that VFR and see if the VTAK (lol) really does mess up your lines. Then, that may change the way you feel about the bike and make you want something else.

As far as the mileage on the bike, it doesn't seem THAT high when so many Honda's go fine with many more miles than that - like you said, as long as they are well maintained. See if the owner of that VFR has any records of maintenance. If they said that they did the oil changes themselves, ask them what kind of filters they used; what kind of oil they used; where did they purchase such items, etc to sort of gauge and see if they actually did the oil changes themselves.

All in all, I think that if the F4i didn't sing for ya, you shouldn't go back to it. Just cause the '03's miles are low and the color looks nice doesn't mean you'll like it better riding than the one you previously had.

Just my .02
Old 04-27-2011, 07:56 AM
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that vfr looks pretty cool actually. Better than the last time i checked out those bikes. Like hondashi said, you seem to be leaning towards that and that might make you the happiest so id see if you can get a test ride on it first and see if its what you really want. If so, buy the damn thing.
After that, id say if you can get the zx6 for around 3500-3800 id do it. Ive been looking into getting one myself, i hear a lot of good things about them. A couple issues about engine reliability/durability but other than that the f4i doesnt even compare to them. But if you were uncomfortable on the f4i im sure youd hate the kawi.
As for the good old f4i, well youve had one already and know what theyre like and didnt seem too impressed but that one does look clean and i like the silver and red scheme.

So if you think youll be happier with something different then the vfr and kawi are definitely different. But if comfortability is the big issue then id say do the vfr since the zx6 has an even more aggressive riding position than the f4i. A bike with high mileage can also be a good sign of its reliability and lack of problems keeping it off the road. Low mileage on an old bike could mean just the opposite and could make you wonder why its been sitting around instead of being ridden and might be a sign of other problems. So it all depends on how you take the mileage into context, dont be scared off by 29k miles.
Old 04-27-2011, 10:12 AM
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I don't see the vtec throwing you line off...especially once you get used to where it kicks in. I took one out for a short test drive...the thing sounds AWESOME. Top end wise, I don't think it would be as fast as the F4i (but it'll definitely maintain the speed limit). the VFR is more touring oriented, so it accelerates a little smoother and the ride is a lot more cushy, while still being able to ride with friend on sport bikes.

I definitely suggest going to dealers and seeing if they have one of each you can test drive (you may have to go to a few different dealers). Especially if you are considering getting one. You need to know that the position as well as the performance all work for you...that's the whole reason behind test driving.
Old 04-27-2011, 10:21 AM
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I have two guys I ride with that have vfr and they both love them. One has 40k+ on his and IMO doesnt take care of it and every time we ride it starts right up and runs great. I have had the chance to ride them and while they are a completely different type of bike they still out run me in the twisties, im still a newbie. You do notice the vtec kicking in but its not anything to worry about i notice it because of the exhaust note change more than anything. Its sorta like when the f4i gets to its sweet spot and seems more alive. Plus if i remember some of the two bros have a fake pipe so one is a storage container, weird i know. I think you would be better with the vfr IMO, the f4i you already had one and the zxr have a very aggressive riding position

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Old 04-27-2011, 11:06 AM
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The VFR is overpriced. The F4i is a much better deal and the better overall bike IMO [although there is nothing wrong with vfr's!!!]
Old 04-27-2011, 11:54 AM
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I've contemplated trading my F4i for a VFR... mainly for something a little more comfortable for my wife. Either that or get a solo cowl and not let her ride anymore... HAHA
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Don't get me wrong...I may have oversold the F4i thing a bit. I _LOVED_ my F4i...I was merely mentioning that sometimes I'd get a little achey after 100+ mile rides. But no I definitely effing loved it...and I love the way it cams at idle....

I'll juggle the two around a bit more. I thought the F4i was white-red which is actually my favorite color scheme but silver-red isn't too far off.
Old 04-28-2011, 01:40 AM
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The VTEC is definitely something people comment about, but like everyone here has mentioned, getting used to it is key. If you're planning on taking some trips on your bike, the VFR is a mile muncher for sure. And, as far as it keeping up with a 600 supersport ... it's all in how you ride it.

However, if you want the comfort of the VFR but the sporty ride of the F4i ... why not get an 04-06 F4i? IMO the F4i has a better front end than the VFR but the banana seat is comfortable and the difference between the 01-03 and the 04-06 F4i, performance wise, is minimal.

Either way, pick a Honda and you'll be happy, lol ... the Kwak would be fun, but fun wouldn't be comfortable like the other two.
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