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Scorpio Sr-i600

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Default Scorpio Sr-i600

I had a couple of questions about an alarm system to put on my bike. I was wondering what the pros (other than the obvious ones) and the cons were? does this system drain your battery? Also, how well does it really work?

I dont live in a "high-crime" town or anything. Its just the peace of mind that i want. I work really hard to get my bike to what i think is perfect, and i'd hate for some idiot to come and mess with it. So, if anyone out there has this system or knows about it then let me know what you think.

p.s. i know there is a sr-i900 and that it might be a little better, but its more expensive too. Also, i know that i have insurance on it and to just let it be; but im 19 and i can only imagine what my insurance would be if i made a claim.

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Only difference I've found between the i600 and i900 is the i900 can use RFID technology to arm and disarm. Meaning you don't have to use the remote, it will do it based on your vicinity. The same options are availible with either model (perimeter sensor, backup battery).

I don't have the Scorpio but have been looking at it for the pagin option. I've learned from my current alarm & led lights that any transmit / receive device will draw on battery power. The receiver has to have power in order to get signals from the remote. The draw is minor, but will eventually run the battery dead if the bike hasn't been ridden (not simply started) in a while. My alarm has a Sleep mode specifically to prevent this. The LED light for the alarm may actually be a bigger draw.

Beyond that, I can't really say since I don't own the system. It's definitely not some China hack job you can get for $50. And could be defeated in seconds. Seen some excellent reviews. I'm satisfied with my Cyclone alarm except not having the remote paging feature.
Old 02-07-2010, 07:13 PM
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i have the i500 which is the basically the same as the i600 and i love it. the install was very easy and it works very well. the only complaint i have is that the battery for the pager has to be changed very often. it's a AAA battery and its kind of a pain to keep a bunch of them around. i'm going to get a rechargeable set though, so that that won't be an issue anymore.
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Most insurance companies won't raise your rates for comprehensive claims. This is from personal experience.
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Sweet. I have been thinking about getting one. mainly because i think they are cool and then for the added security. I appreciate all of the responses. I will be looking to buy one later in the week.

Is there a cheap place to get them or is ~$200 the going rate?

thanks again!
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Get internatrix it's just as good and cheap i have it on my bike now. www.Internatrix.com.
Old 02-08-2010, 10:21 AM
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I read about that Internatrix system, and it seems like it does the same thing as the Scorpio system; but i have really never seen anyone using it. It really makes me wonder if it is of the quality that scorpio is. It is definatly a better price.

Does its remote automatically engage the alarm as you walk away like the sr-i900 or do you have to manually engage the alarm like the sr-i600?

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