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No Start for '02 F4i - FRUSTRATED!

Old 01-02-2007, 10:32 PM
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Default No Start for '02 F4i - FRUSTRATED!

Hey guys,

Great siteyou got going here. I've been a long time lurker on this board just soaking in all the information, and now it is timefor me to seek some help! I've got a 2002 F4i with 20,000 km's on her, bone stock.
She has been great to me. I put over 12,000 km's on her for the '06 season with no porblems what-so-ever.

So here's my situation: I fired her up 2 weeks ago just to stretch her legs (damn Canadian winters),
and she fired up with ease (like always). I let it come up to operating temp, gave it a little thottle, all is well. So I roll it back into my garage and don't touch her for a week. I roll it out on the 7th day to start it up again, and that's when the trouble starts. I can hear the fuel pump prime, all fuses are intatct, all lights/gauges work. She turns over but does not fire. The starter sounds nice and strong as usual, so I changed the spark plugs, they were due anyway. So I've got brand new NGK's in there, and I pulled the closest ignition coil/plug. Zip tied it to the frame to ground it out, and I have confirmed that I have good spark. SO WHAT GIVES?? I've check for pinched fuel lines, blown fuses, etc and come up with nothing! She just turns and turns until the battery dies. It's got me quite confused since I should have my "combustion triangle" that being air, fuel and spark. I'm thinking more towards the sensors and electronics now.

I've had the front end off a few times and may have bumped the bank angle sensor. But my question is, when the bank sensor is tripped, does it cut fuel or ignition? And if it's the *shudder* ECM, should I or shouldn't I have spark if the ECM is not functioing? I have the whole 500 page Honda servie manual and it is no help in this situation. Sorry for such a long first post on this board! I'm just hoping someone out there might have experianced something similar. Any and all ideas are welcome gents, thanks in advance!
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Default RE: No Start for '02 F4i - FRUSTRATED!

Check your battery for a charge... it may have enough juice to run the lights, fuel pump, starter, ect... but not have enough to turn the motor over...
Old 01-03-2007, 01:25 AM
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Default RE: No Start for '02 F4i - FRUSTRATED!

Put a battery tender on it and check back with it in a day. Winter is really hard on the battery. You can find one cheap on Ebay
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Default RE: No Start for '02 F4i - FRUSTRATED!

Won't help boys, my battery is kept in top form with a trickle charger when not in use,also the bike is in a heated garage. It has no problem at all turning over, it just won't fire. Some guys on the local board here suggested a compession test to look for a possible stuck valve. That's plausable for sure, since I am only 4000km from the valve clearance service. And ifthat's not it, then it's got to beasensor issue. Ifanything else comes to mind I'm listening, cheers!
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Default RE: No Start for '02 F4i - FRUSTRATED!

Check your compression but you should be able to hear a stuck valve as there will be no compression on that cylinder and every 4th rotation on the starter should sound strange.

The only other thing I'd do would be to take the fuel supply line off at the throttle body then turn the key to on to ensure that fuel is actually making it there.A fuel pressure guage in the fuel rail would also show if there's sufficient fuel pressure at the throttle body.
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Default RE: No Start for '02 F4i - FRUSTRATED!

ORIGINAL: Stephens

Put a battery tender on it and check back with it in a day. Winter is really hard on the battery. You can find one cheap on Ebay
cold storage conditions are better for the battery charge state than you think. their rate of self discharge is slower in cold temperatures. Over a period of 6 months, in 32* conditions the battery will only loose about a 10% of it's charge whereas in 77* conditions, it will loose about 30%.

http://www.yuasabatteries.com/pdfs/TechMan.pdf <----- see page 30 of this document for more information.
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