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Looking to purchase F4i, what would you say it's worth?

Old 09-28-2011, 11:23 PM
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Default Looking to purchase F4i, what would you say it's worth?

Newbie here, really fallen in love with the F4i but having difficulties finding a nice one. I know I like the split seat better and black frame. So far I've found one '01 in my area. 27k miles, white/red, seems in middle of the road condition. It could be nicer, but any nicer and it would more than likely be an 04-06 with lower miles and higher pricetag. It's at a Honda dealership and they've got it listed 3499. It needs new tires(front is brand new and incorrect size, rear is pretty worn) and rear pads and possibly rotor. For what it's worth it has FMF exhaust, double bubble screen, and hotbodies undertail. I drove there(about an hour away) and they refused to deal on it at all. I had cash, made an opening offer, and the salesman didn't even try to counter offer. Is it really that difficult to find a decent specimen of this bike these days? Am I going to have to concede that although the book value says one thing, this bike is worth more than that? I've been thinking I'll give it a couple weeks and call them back, otherwise there is also a 600RR I would like to look at that is listed for 3995. I'm not sure I'll like the seating position on the RR as much though. Any thoughts, suggestions, opinions would be appreciated. Thanks.
Old 09-29-2011, 08:53 AM
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Well, so much depends on location. When I bought -my- 01 F4i with similar miles I paid $1800, but it needed some fairings, a tune up, and a cam chain tensioner. $3500 seems awfully steep; I'd expect to pay that for an 04+, especially if it needs tires, pads, and maybe rotors.

I'd keep looking, and probably at private party bikes instead of at a stealership.
Old 09-29-2011, 10:09 AM
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I'd pass. Tires are gonna run you $150 - $300 depending on brand / sales / DIY etc. Rotor is another $200 - $400 DIY. Dunno bout brake pads. So worst case you're talking another $800+ on top of what should prolly be a $2200 kbb retail price. And that's doing the work yourself.
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i would pass as well. Stealerships always mark up prices and always try to scam you. I would look elsewhere.
Old 09-29-2011, 12:06 PM
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Like the others said you should pass on it. $3500 for a bike that you can just hop on an ride is a good price. $3500 for a bike that you have to put work into not a good price. I don't know where you like but with winter right around the corner there should be lots of bikes going up for sales for decently cheap. That is of course you live where you can ride year round which I do not
Old 09-29-2011, 12:29 PM
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Originally Posted by R Dub View Post
Like the others said you should pass on it. $3500 for a bike that you can just hop on an ride is a good price. $3500 for a bike that you have to put work into not a good price.

The key is to be patient, something will pop up. Just have to be vigilant in your searches.

I got mine off ebay. $3k for an 03 f4i in mint condition. 12k miles on it.
Old 09-29-2011, 12:37 PM
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Don't let the split-seat be a determining factor. You can always get a banana seat version '04-06 & do a split-seat conversion.
Old 09-29-2011, 01:28 PM
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where are you located?
Old 09-29-2011, 01:40 PM
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Yeah...+1 to all...if you have cash in hand. Go hunting. Slowly & find you match. Good oppitunity & great price. Dealership has minimum margin & they prefer to finance a new buyer w/o cash up front. So they can sell bike at full price & then slap on more interest on top. Walking into dealership with cash does not yield better return. They actually do like it...they like kids without cash & has a job to finance. If you have money upfront, best to find private sellers, seller moving, seller need money ditto....those are the ones that is willing to take a lost/your gain. Not dealers. Hope you find a perfect F41....great bike!!!!
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Yes definitely over priced. As everyone has said I'd go private party. I bought my 01 with 19k miles for 3k three years ago. The only flaws were some small scuffs and scratches on the fairings.

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