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Keep or sell?

Old 04-08-2016, 08:52 PM
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Default Keep or sell?

hey guys about a year ago I bough an 05 F4i as my first bike and she looked rough but rode well. I didn't think much of her cosmetic damage since its my first bike and I was sure I would crash(haven't yet) and I was doing my buddy a favor by buying it off him. My dilemma now is should sell her and buy something that doesn't have as many problem because I have little to no mechanical knowledge about bikes. keeping it and fixing her would be a big project with someone with my skill or lack there of. Need some opinions/advice!

So far this is what is wrong with her:

- Runs hot (230-5F) when stopped in traffic or riding slow
- Recently starting to struggle to turn on, battery has been replaced and nothing.
- Fork seals need to be changed and there is a slight bend on the frame (according to the mechanic) Don't really trust their opinion.
-Needs new fairings and exhaust due to multiple crashes (previous owner)
-Might have other things wrong but I couldn't tell you because I don't know bikes.
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Old 04-09-2016, 02:23 PM
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Thoughts on your questions:
That's not that hot for a CBR F4i, only worry about it if you are not hearing the fan come on and you start to boil over. Add some Redline water wetter to distilled water and buy a new rad cap (generic 16lbs Honda works fine).

To check if your frame is bent, get a long straightedge and sight down the rear wheel (once you know the wheel is aligned in the swing arm). Also, push the bike straight through a puddle and see if you get 1 or two tracks. Obviously two tracks is bad.

The cbr has a notorious bad starter switch. If you push the button and nothing happens, it could just be a gunked up switch and needs a shot of electronics cleaner.
Does the starter turn?
Does the engine never "catch" and just keep tuning over without starting?
Does the engine "catch" and begin to start but not stay running?
All different with different causes.

You need an upper fairing and a rt lower, so might as well get a full set from ABSfairing and be done.

Personally, if I thought the frame was bent, I would NOT spend any money or time on the bike, as it may never track properly.

You most likely need to relieve the twisted forks. They get twisted during ANY crash. That MAY be the "bent frame" issue.

Bikes are generally easy (ok jmho) and the net is a super resource.

An F4i for a first bike is going to be a hell of a ride if you don't keep your throttle in check.
Old 04-11-2016, 08:31 PM
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I did let it boil over once when I first got the bike but then I took it to the shop and it was fine, but after that it started running hotter than before.

Might just be the radiator cap like you said and I did a coolant flush not too long ago.

As for the starting problem it primes and used to crank but wont turn, after a couple of days of charging its not even cranking or catching as you said.

I got it to turn on by jumping it with my car (engine off) and it will run fine but if i turn it off and try to start it again it will not start.

I was reading to see what other people said about similar problems and I dont know if this is right but it could be the spark plugs, fuel pump pressure regulator or the ECU?

Oh yeah its an awesome bike and am glad I started with a 600 and not a 250!

thanks for your help Dirtyhands
Old 04-12-2016, 06:02 AM
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If it has Brent forks you could replace them with used ones on EBay, but if the frame is bent, IMHO, the bike is done for, unless you frame swapped everything.

A lot of people stunt F4is, and they aren't as particular when it comes to the condition of the bike, so there's probably a market for it if you decided to sell it.

I don't think the heat is an issue as I see a lot of guys get into the 230's stopped in traffic. What temp does your bike get when you're running 45mph in no traffic?

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Old 04-12-2016, 07:37 PM
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So basically it needs forks, new fairings, an exhaust and a frame. What shop told you the frame and forks were bent? There are local places that can straiten both.
230* is a little high, I wouldn't want it going much higher even though 250* is overheat [I've never hit 230* here in PHX and I've daily drivin it for 9yrs now, been up to 227* though] Might need a coolant flush and cleaning to help bring temps down but deal with the big issues first.
For the money though, unless you love the F4i like I do [doubtfull] I'd just sell it as-is for cheap and use the money for a 05+ 600RR
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