Do you Smell like FUMES?

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Default Do you Smell like FUMES?

So maybe this question has been asked previously. When I get off my bike after riding I reak of fumes. When i ride from Cleveland to Kent its bout hr drive and when i walk into class its BAD! My book bag reaks and my hoodie. Any suggestions what could be going on? I Mean i do scrape the tailpipe a lot when I am doing slow wheelies so im guessing i have a leak someplace but where should I start to look?
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I smell pretty bad when i get off my bike too. I couldn't tell ya if doing dumb ssh!t on it will make it worse or not though.
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Well i use to do dumb **** on it i really dont stunt anymore cause its not worth not working and not making money. but like i just drove 20 minutes home and my wife said you reak of fumes
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Strange....because riding RR's with Undertail, I'd think that would keep smells (exhaust at least) off you. My Riding jacket smells like fumes all the time, but nobody has ever said that I smell like fumes, and I've never noticed it myself, even after a 2hr+ ride. Maybe it's an RR thing
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Come on man your telling me you dont LOVE that smell? Because i do haha i smell my jacket sometimes after riding yummmmmmy RR farts hahah!
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I end up smelling... but not like fumes...

Are you filling up at some point and maybe getting a couple drops of petrol on yourself??
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If I sit in traffic a lot, I smell like fumes. It's worse on the F3 than the RR, but even then only after a couple of hours. Sounds like your situation is more severe. Check your header gasket for leaks. Also, let it run for a few minutes, turn it off, and smell the inside of your coolant tank. If IT smells liek fumes, you have a bad head gasket.
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My RR doesn't have any fume smell coming off of it at all.
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Its from sitting in traffic and having all the other exhaust surround you. Think about it? In a car you can roll the window up with the AC blasting. Not us though. lol

I call it smelling like road cause my wife actually smelt the road before to tell me YES this is what you smell like. It was frigging hiliarious.
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Default exhaust smell

this has been driving me crazy I have an 06 1000rr, 35k miles, no upgrades and i can go for a ride for 5 minutes or an hour and the front of my shirt will smell fresh but the back of my shirt smells like exhaust (not unburnt fuel). its not a problem when im going for a ride but when im going to school or work its bothersome. i usually bring an extra shirt or wear a hoodie and leave it on the bike. one mechanic told me that if my filters are dirty then that can mess up the A/F ratio

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