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Old 06-09-2012, 09:34 PM
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Default 07 600rr wont start

my sons 07 600rr is jacked. ran fine. parked it for two days and wouldnt start. wouldnt bump start. they trailered it home from the friends house where it stopped running and it hasnt ran since.

idiot that he bought it from a few weeks ago pulled off the stock turn signals front and rear, stock tail/brake lights, and d.o.t. fender. he installed an l.e.d. near each passenger peg on the subframe along with a module to make them blink constantly...no tail, no turn, no brake....just blink all the time. his reasoning was, "you dont need no brake lights, aint nobody passin' ya at 150." anyway, in his obvious genious, he also closed the wires in the latch for the solo tail thereby grounding everything and draining, and eventually destroying the battery.

oh yeah, dude was kind enough to go and burn off about 600miles worth of rear tire when he knew we were coming to buy the bike, as evidenced by all the fresh rubber under the tail, so we only had time to replace the tires but not do a full check up on the bike before this happened.

sooo, here it is. new battery. still doesnt start. there were fuses blown. all replaced. no start. swapped a different relay to the engine shut off slot. no start. fuel pump primes each time. removed and checked kill switch contacts...disconnect=no fuel pump; connect=fuel pump primed. pulled plug no.1, clean and dry, connected to wire and grounded against head=no spark. bank angle sensor was never moved or tampered with since bike ran fine.

should note that all the b.s. lights that the head-o-**** installed were removed at the connectors so there were no bare wires anywhere during the above steps.

we are stuck ....any and all help appreciated.

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Old 06-10-2012, 05:34 PM
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ok peoples...im must say im a bit disappointed. i realize that im a brand new member, but jenkies kids... its been 20+ hours since i posted a tech question and there are 40 views and zero replies??? back when i actually used a computer on a daily basis, and was a regular on the motorush site, the tech gurus woulda been 'all up on this sh..'

is the weather too nice and everybody is riding?
was i too long winded? (just trying to give details)
do we not deserve assistance cuz we're new to the site?

anywho, still no progress. any ideas are appreciated.

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Old 06-10-2012, 07:07 PM
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record video of full start process... ignition then kill switch then try to start... put on youtube and post link to on this post...

Tell me if i didnt read it right or something...
did you say your not getting spark on cylinder 1?
what about the others?
did you try replacing the coil?

hope this helps...
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Old 06-11-2012, 01:37 PM
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ok, i would first bypass the B.A.S ( bank angle sensor) that thing has given me trouble before so bypass it, next: what are the head lights telling u? when u put on the high beam is there still only one light that works? i would start with the BAS. after that i would make sure that there is not a wire that is touching the frame somewhere, a nick in a wire can really shut down ur day. it sound like to me that the BAS or the piece of crud wire job he did. now that i think about it, it has to BE the crap wire job that he did, u got a wire in the wrong spot or touching the frame somewhere, take the tail section off and start over. check all wires for nicks and do it right the first time.
good luck, please let us know when u get it fixed and what the problems was/is!
ride safe, i have confidance that ul be on the road in no time.
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