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What is your favorite sprocket ratio?

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Default What is your favorite sprocket ratio?

Hey all. My 93 1kf is nearing that solemn winter hibernation and I have plans of throwing some pennies at it while the snow flies. I already have a header back Two Brothers carbon fiber 4-1, and a set of Michelin PR4 GT's sitting in the garage. The bike will also be getting jetted for aforementioned exhaust and is in dire need of a new clutch (yet to decide). While I have the rear wheel off for the new tire, I want to replace the chain (that appears to have been quite neglected by the PO). My question for you folks is in the title, what is your preferred sprocket sizes and how do you ride yours? I commute about 30 miles per day at an average of 65mph (about 105kph for you all across the pond). However, I also have the oldest and heaviest sportbike of all the guys I ride with. Most ride Harely-Davidsons, but there's a 600cc here and a 750cc there. I'm not trying to set any speed records, but at 6'5" and right about 300lbs, I'm not really helping my situation, lol. I originally decided that -0/+2 was enough. Of course, then it became -1/+0. I just caught myself on the verge of ordering a -1/+2 set, lol. I don't want to have the nose coming up at anytime, and between the hefty bike and my mass, I dont see even -1/+2 being an issue. What have you guys tried and liked? Btw, my rear tire is a 180/55 size which will have a slight impact over stock size.
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I can't help with sprocket size, because I have not gotten into that yet for this bike, but I would however like to mention.
That a 4 into 1 and a jet kit, will greatly improve the performance of this bike.

You have a 10 second bike. So there's not a lot of bikes out there in this range. And the ones that are, are still not a huge number. No matter if the bike is heavier and older. The plus side, the front end does not come up that easy, least not for me.
Yes the heaver rider, can slow you a bit. Compared to other lighter riders.
There's not a lot of Harleys in even the 12 second range at all.

Your average of 65 miles per hour, means 4th to 5th gear riding, 6th gear is cruser speed. And I only go into 6th, unless I'm gonna be at 65, 70 for a bit,
Because this bike can ride all day long at 4, to 4500 rpm.

Dropping a tooth, only gets you off the line faster and quicker reaction at lower speeds.

I have dropped teeth and added in the rear in the past on my other bikes. I do know it was harder on my bike, long term. So if you got some miles on it, you might want to do a compression test, make sure the numbers are still good.
Because a lower tooth in the front sprocket does stress things a bit more.

I've raced harleys, modern 600 bikes. Know your power band and know your bike.

I do see any issue with worrying about anything then bring safe and getting to and from work in one piece.

But when I do, change teeth, I'm gonna go with a 16/45.

Stock for me is 17/44.

U will be pleased with the exhaust change and love the stage 2 jet kit.
What air filter you got ? Try a k&n.

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I actually just replaced a stock paper filter with another paper filter. I was in need of one asap, and since I ride it as much as possible, I was concerned that a K&N may lean it out a bit. This is actually my 2nd 1kf. My first was a 94 that was a bit more wild. It had this same 4-1 exhaust, except with an aluminum can. It also had a K&N. Supposedly, it had a 1100 kit and stage 3 dynojet jet kit. To that, I cannot confirm. Just what the guy I bought it from told me. He claimed he built it with the intent of beating his friends hayabusa. Unfortunately, it was not up to the task of running MY buddies k5 'busa, but I did pull half a bike on another buddies 954rr and on numerous occasions, steal some stop-light glory from a fellow rider's 02 R1. Unfortunatly, the builder focused solely on performance and cared not a bit for the aesthetics. It had some cracked plastics, a few stray zip-ties here and there and had been stripped of anything he saw as dead weight. He axed the center stand, the grab rail, mirrors, put tacky little levers on it and even trimmed down the windscreen to "make it more aerodynamic". More than once I saw 175mph on the speedo with stock sprockets. Granted, I know the speedo is not accurate. I finally sold it after one of the header bolts sheared off in the head. By that point, it had served it's duty well a few times over.

This time around, I took the opposite approach. I found the cleanest mk3 I could (my personal favorite) and it just so happened to be bone stock. I saw that as a bonus and an indication that the "old man owner" story was more believable.
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