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A very senior moment

Old 02-18-2018, 03:03 PM
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Default A very senior moment

Ok, so sun was out, 11 degrees c, dryish roads, pop in to the nearest filling station, you know, the ones with similar colours on the pumps.....know where this is going, ......4 miles later stuck between traffic bike running like a complete cow......much to the amusement of other bikers, got into the cafe, smoke flowing freely out the silencers....damed if I know what the hell is going on....fellow biker rubs salt in the wound proclaiming “Crikey, that sounds a bit rough”....thanks pal.....I just say it’s the first CBR1000 2 stroke.
Had a coffee thinking “ has it bust a ring, dropped a guide.....started riding home and whilst it was still running like a badgers backside it dawned on me....I put 5 litres of diesel in my tank”, WTF.
4 miles later I bought some unleaded, whilst watching the numbers tot up on the pump it also dawned on me I was observing the litres not the flipping £ sign....DOH DOH DOUBLE DOH. Luckily only 35 pence overspend on what I had in my leathers....pump attendant said no problem.
Swished the tank about, another 4 miles up the road it cleared, and the extra petrol diluted what diesel was in the tank and now the bike runs better than ever.
Moral of the story? Think.
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Well that was a fairly inexpensive lesson. And on the plus side, you have a good story.
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Itís easily done, both our cars are diesel so itís usually the pump with the black hose I naturally go for.
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Easy mistake to make, but embarrassing non the less.

I've filled up at my local station twice, only to discover I've left my wallet at home in my normal clothes. Luckily on both occasions, my wife has been at home and has come down to 'bale me out', her patience was much appreciated

Maybe I should stash some cash on the bike
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**** me! That is somethong I "might" have done but never posted about. Call it a moment of pre-occupation. The girl who distrcated you must have been a hottie? Right?

May I call you brother?

@ Gunk, here it's the green handle

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Not so bad, I once put 110 litres(about AU$180) of premium unleaded in my diesel Nissan Patrol, after a half hour tow it cost me AU$650 at the dealer to fix, then I had to fill up again.
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It wasn’t such a disaster, however if in my truck, if it was petrol in a diesel then I’d have kept well quiet.
It gave my engine a great lube though!
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That's what they call leaving a lasting compression

just kiddin, as all have said easy enough to do.
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Originally Posted by bullroarer View Post
Moral of the story? Think.
Yes, you have to keep thinking. You can't rely on autopilot. Last week I left my hotel room and headed down to the lobby. I grabbed a coffee cup, took a .375 oz (11ml) creamer, opened it up and poured it into and trash can. I did this 3 times. when I started to pour coffee into the cup it was then that I noticed the 3 empty creamer things in the cup.

(Q) So...what was I thinking?
(A) Obviously nothing, nothing at all. Just bumping along in life with hands randomly moving.
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Been there, done that - recently too.

Had a road trip to do in the Ford wagon, forgot to fill up the tank with unleaded so at 3 in the morning I grab a 20 litre fuel can and start pouring it via a funnel into the Ford.

As I'm gradually waking up to the day and my surroundings and the nose finally begins to work, I think..............that doesn't smell like petrol.

I'd poured 15 litres of diesel into a 65 litre tank. Went and found the right fuel can, emptied it in, added a bottle of octane booster and left to drive to NSW.

Didn't miss a beat.

Go figure.

Cheers, SB

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