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1990 cbr1000f, body work time, paint, prep project

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Default 1990 cbr1000f, body work time, paint, prep project

Well, since fall is here in Illinois. I decided it was time to start taking the plastic off, to repair, and paint.

This project is going to take a few months.

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There is plate, spring and a small ball bearing to look out for, when you remove the pull hooks from the grab bar.

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At first, I used my finger nail and a knife, blade, to try and remove decal, stickers.

But ugh. Much easier to use a heat gun and warm up the decal, it then peels off pretty easy.

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Wet sand paper, 400 grit, sometimes I use 320, depending how ruff the surface is on the plastic.
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Some parts I already picked up used, as some of my plastics were to far gone to a tempt repair.
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I am using generic flat white spray paint for my primer.

Several coats, and wet sanding to go yet and many parts to prep yet, just getting started. Gonna try and do more as I get time.

I have not figured out what color I'm painting it yet.

There is a lot of plastic.


Look for updates as this project moves along.
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Many pieces, as I mentioned were cracked or broken,

May not be pretty on the inside, but here is some ugly work pictures.

Black glob. Abs plastic medium glue,

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Some of the outside repairs, have to be sanded yet, and body filler yet.

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I'd rather try this, because new or used parts on some of these is costly, especially the front piece.

Turn signal brackets broke, or pieces.

The abs plastic glue, should hold.

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The stuff, runs almost like water, no mater how I seem to do it, it just runs easy during application.

Ugly, but effective, least it's on the inside. Outside stuff, sand, fill.

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I'd love to find a pair of good white and red side panels like the pic above.

Carry on. I love seeing pics before and after.
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There was a pair on ebay, but I bought 1 to replace mine. Keep a eye out on ebay, they seem to show up every now and then.

Not done anything this week, maybe this weekend. A little more.
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keep up the good work
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why do you guys glue and not "weld" using a metal mesh..
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Got fender finally off, wet sanded, next up primer.

A piece of paper folded up, worked good to fit in under the plastic, rubber, flaps. Versus trying to remove them, they are plastic welded in with a metal backer.

Some plastic repair started on one of the side panels, that stuff runs easy.
I found heating up the cracked area with heat gun, then applying on front and back. Yields a better bond.
To much heat, tho. Will melt, warp the plastic.

I'll let set for 1 to 2 days, before sanding.

Only pieces left to get off the bike is the gas tank.

I'm getting down to just 4 pieces to work on and primer.

No rush here,

The other pieces I have already primer ed, are sitting, I still need to do a wet sand on those primered, to see where I'm at.
I always tend to sand thru. In a few spots.

Wanted to get something new on here and some more work done.
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Great work, slow and steady wins the race.

What is the Abs glue you are trying, I have a crack that needs fixing again, I already tried the soldering iron weld job but that did not hold.
Oh yeah, no wisecracks about my crack needing fixing thanks TK or Seb.
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Menards, black abs cement, medium

That's what it's called. In the pvc glue section, about $4.
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