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where to mount ballast on a 08 cbr 1000

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Default where to mount ballast on a 08 cbr 1000

I am currently installing a HID kit on a 08 cbr 1000. Its a slim ballast kit and im having a tough time finding a spot to mount the ballasts. This is a friends bike i am installing them on and its my first time working on a cbr. Thanks a lot of the info.
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i posted this exact same thread in general tech and got no response so far i got my ddmtuning hid kit a couple days ago put the lights in checked to make sure everything worked called it a night and picked it up today after work tore the whole front of the bike apart tryin different places to mount the ballasts and i could no come up with anything i mean i had the mid fairings off the upper cowl headlights out tried mounting behind the tach no room, tried between the inner and outer fairing could have worked but the ballast would be right on the radiator, i tried under the air duct cover checked under the tank nothing was working and everywhere i put them in the open area up front ended up hitting the forks when you turned the handlebars all the way and i realy didnt want to have them in the open against the elements or so close to the radiator or motor, so after 6 hours of messing with it i gave up i took out he hid kit went and got some sylvania silverstars which are much brighter than stock but no hid but its gunna have to do for me at least, its not that important for me to have hids and now i gotta order new dust covers cause of the holes i drilled thru them for the wireing, sorry for the long unhelpful message but they made everything so close and tight on that bike i cant find room for crap, the only other thing that i could think of is to try and find a wire extension kit so you can run them thru the bike and put the ballasts under the rear seat which i just dont have the motivation to do
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Theres not enough room to mount them to the underside of the headlight bucket?

I'm not sure what your kit came with, but you can buy 3M adhesive velco that sticks to just about anything, which should allow you to mount them just about anywhere in any orientation. I've also seen people tie wrap the ballast to their fairing stay. Also to the inside of the side fairing. Also, I wouldn't worry too much about mounting them exposed to the weather. if your kit is a decent quality one, the ballast should be water proof. The inject a rubber sealer inside the ballast which completely fills all the voids in the ballast, so there is no chance of water getting in. also, they should be heat and vibration proof, so if they sat against the radiator, I don't think it would be a problem. I would just place a piece of rubber between them so you don't wear a spot on your radiator.

Sorry, I don't have an answer as my bike is an 05 and there would be enough room under my headlight bucket. But on my bike, since I fit a set of projectors from a car, the igniters were on the bulbs, and I was able to extend the wires and mount my ballast under my rear seat. I know with inline igniters, you can't extend the wires. Your kind of left with what they give you. Unless like you said, someone sells high voltage wire extensions.

Also, stretch.... If the headlight dust covers for the 04-07 will work for the 08, let me know. I have a few sets Im not using and would be happy to send you a set... as long as I can find them...
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yea justasquid i tried behind the everything lol possible could have put them on the inside of the fairing but i couldnt run the wires well enough to reach a desireable mounting area, that bike sucks for space lol oh well im not not gunna worry about it my buddy bought them off of me for his bike hes got gobs of room for mounting, but anyways yea i ll have to check to see if they are the same for the 08s for the dust covers thanks for the offer i'll get back to you.
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Many 08 1kRR owners made room to mount the ballast by doing the intake flapper mod. After removing all the stuff associated with the flapper they claim there's plenty of room for the ballast.

I haven't done this and I don't plan to. When I first bought my bike someone else mentioned that they ended up making theirs run worse by all the little tinkering they'd done to it. I've been down the road with cars and it's not a fun drive.
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